Wednesday, May 16, 2012


We know the times are very bad, we need funds urgently.We also knows there are billions kept in tax havens abroad by people of Indian origin.Why is t not possible to declare all such assets as national assets with the help of our supreme court?

 For those who wanted to claim it as rightfully belonging to them with source can be refunded after taxation or a nominal fee.But those crooks , who looted That has to be the end of the road.Rightfully the funds looted from the public of India comes back to India where it belongs as a matter of its rightful ownership.

Why is the Government not doing it, raises many eyebrows naturally as ,it seems they themselves are the culprits hence,are not acting deliberately on it.Mr.Pranab Mukherji , went on and on in parliament with no end or action in sight,before it was Mr.Manmohan Singh who promised during last election in 100 days, he will bring it back and suddenly after one year declared,we have treaties , but no one knows of the existence of such treaties,which are binding on us and we can not claim the same.

In that case why in the first instance, did  he declare it was possible in 100 days after elections?Why is Mr.Mukherjee says the names can not be made public , is it to privately allow them to stash away the funds from the present Bank to else where. It seems the government is very keen to protect the looters and their identity.

Our only chance is the Supreme court intervening with sufficient authority and declare accordingly , or else honest people in force of sheer numbers have got to make the pressure so high for the government to act under stress,for that we need a nation wide movement ,unlike Anna Hazare which was very weak.The tough stance is the need of the hour for that we need cadres who are willing to give up life to see the wrongs are corrected and the culprits are send to gallows.

By no way I am inciting violence,that can be the last resort before which we need to gauge the support of the people and the numbers we can accumulate to get this done nationally.The organisations has to be put in place before we can launch the counter punch. Once the tirade starts there can not be any looking back the movement goes on those who perishes are martyr's, others need to go forward till the objective is achieved.

No political party of today can be trusted is a fact just like the day light.So the Mao cadres, Naxals has already begun now, more and more people are getting attracted to their ways, as the parliament and MPs , have lost all  credibility to act because 60 years was a long time if it was not done in 60 years ,we don't expect this to be done in the future too by these bunch of politicians.

We need another Guevara of our times to lead us.these politicians of this era are passive fraudsters with understanding to wards each others' activities one party begins from the place where the last party has left,.this has gone on for too long. It can not be allowed any more , time is getting ripe.

Just think of it my fellow countrymen.    

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