Tuesday, May 22, 2012


We gave them a second mandate ,and 3 years have gone by since then.But the state of our economy under the so called eminent economists' in the world is in shambles.There are no more steps this government has nor do they have a second plan to save the Rupee or our economy. Day by day its getting from bad to worse.The prices are increasing uncontrollably, while the inflation is seen rising unlike any time post Independence.

The guys are incompetent is clear as the bright summer day light.their only agenda is to stick to power at the cost of 120 crores of our populace.It is high time they step down and face fresh elections.Let the people decide the course of our future.

The allies must withdraw support at the earliest ,so that at least they stand a chance of faring better in elections.Other wise by 2014 ,India will be different and another 20 to 30% of our population will take arms as already more than 30% is already fighting for a revolution.

these are the hard facts , common people only gets affected , while the rich sees not much difference in life as they have enough black money to fall back on during these hard times.

The sooner the government is thrown out the better for our country.

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