Monday, May 7, 2012


The visit by none other than Mrs. Hillary Clinton of US ,there again her first priority of meeting the Bengal Chief Minister Ms.Mamata Banergee is such an obvious last ditch effort by the Walmart & Co and their desperation showing in every action of recent times The fact that she praised Ms.Mamata so high to the extent of supporting her candidature,future of course for the post of prime minister can not go unnoticed and gives away their real intention behind such acts

Whether our Bengal chief minister falls for it in support of opening the retail markets,will be clear very soon for our alert populace who can not be taken as fools any longer.The lowering of grade in to negative by the so called rating agencies just prior to the visit also has been taken note of by our people.

But the real fact remains that with out any help from any countries ,we still can do well and develop faster provided our leaders does things with purpose and integrity,but sadly that alone is missing in our otherwise shining story.One simply fail to understand the begging being done by our political leaders even after the truth of our real wealth is coming out day by day.

Ours is a great country with more than enough wealth for our self, but the problem is the loot is kept out of the country.We can have sustained development our self as we produce enough food, have enough water resources also other items like textile , machinery  and even hi-tech items hitherto available only in those so called developed countries,are also in our grips and we have the best brains ,ideas and can self sustain our self.We don't have to go out with a begging bowl like,what our central ministry  is doing.

Only item required is fossil fuel such as petroleum items for that too there are countries like Iran willing to supply any amount of oil,but we still are caught on the tail of US and NATO. I feel ashamed of our Central Government ,who are not only spoiling our country but is also looting with out any shame moreover, still goes out with a begging bowl asking for loans instead of collecting the actual due taxes from our rich class,who are the ones calling the shots due to their contribution towards the coffers of the political parties and their shameless leaders.

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