Sunday, May 20, 2012


There has been many TV shows and anchors around the world with sensational stuff,but nothing matches the latest show embarked by none other than our dear and most decent guy of bollywood Amir Khan,for having selected the most relevant subjects in India since the last few decades.Female infanticide ,subjugation of our women folks for dowry and the greedy people making it a lucrative business by doing abortion of female babies and marrying for money alone and cheating the innocent girls and their families. These are the subjects which can be termed as the most shameful activities of the so called modern Indian culture rather culture-less behavior of modern India.

Many many thanks to Amir for doing it for the country and its people at these difficult times, let the conscience of our populace realize these cruelties happening in our society , he has also brought out the best qualities of some brave girls who underwent horrifying life experiences and by sharing it with our audience Amir has grown in stature as a person with such good character and gentleness, unlike so many so called super stars doing shows only for the profit side and money  in such episodes, rather than substance while doing shows for the society as a whole.

Amir is a great personality  and above all a very nice gentleman with a good heart,which stood out in his selection of movies and the present show called "Satyame Vajayathe". It could not have been better timed because for the last few years we have only been witnessing negative happenings, such as the volume of corruption and the extend to which our politicians,corporates and leaders go for the power and money.

After getting disgusted by witnessing such episodes for years, here is some thing very refreshing and with the power for great changes,we might witness in the near future. Due to much more awareness of these facts among our innocent populace who are poor.It is not their fault that they are born poor ,it is due to the incompetence and corruption of our political class ,the rulers who brought it up on our trusting and innocent populace.

Thanks Amir  we have great admiration and respect for personalities like you, otherwise we would have thought, life in not worth living at all.Such is the morale of the poor people born in India.We should be feeling ashamed of ourselves for the snobbish elements in our society killing our people slowly.Now at least we see light at the end of the tunnel with people like you making all the difference.

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