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I have dealt  in my recent blogs about the myth of Aryan invasion to India and how Mr.Max Muller was paid,to do the manuscripts to manipulate the whole history of mankind and especially the claim of the civilization ,which according to his version was brought to India by Aryans. Those who has gone through my earlier blogs must be now convinced that Mr.Max Muller was a paid employee doing a service to his employers'who wanted the age old civilization of India to be shown in bad light and also wanted to erase the history of real Indian culture,the other reason was to high light christian legacy to be brought in for mass conversion.Some missionaries with real knowledge did so much good work in India while others wanted to destroy the culture and fabric of Indian traditions and history.They all tried very hard but failed miserably is a fact,now being acknowledged by almost all right thinking Indians.

The second point I want to make here is the fact that the spiritual journey of Lord Jesus Christ also aptly started from the Himalayas and his gurus were none other than the enlightened spiritual gurus of almost all religions who started all their journey's from Indian sub continent.Be it be Jesus who spent almost 18 years of his life in Himalayas,and have known and got attracted to Buddhism and Hinduism.Unfortunately he failed to convey the messages of righteousness , Sathya, [Truth]Dharma [rightious living and sharing with the unfortunate people] ,Nyaya[Justice ],Ahimsa [cruelty and murders/killing] [ In simple words don't steal, don't kill, don't fall for worldly pleasures sexually other than with one's wife and finally don't drink.Or perhaps the people there could not fathom the essence of his teachings hence killed him cruelly by crucifying. 

To clear doubts or proof for the above facts can be read from the excerpts given below , which I found from Wikipedia:-
"From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The lost years of Jesus concerns the undocumented timespan between Jesus's childhood and the beginning of his ministry as recorded in the New Testament.

The gospels have accounts of events surrounding Jesus' birth, and the subsequent flight into Egypt to escape the wrath of Herod(Gospel of Matthew 2:13-23). There is a general reference to the settlement of Joseph and Mary, along with the young Jesus, atNazareth (Matthew 2:23; Gospel of Luke 2:39-40). There is also an isolated account of Joseph, Mary, and Jesus' visit to the city of Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover, when Jesus was twelve years old (Luke 2:41-50).
Following that episode, there is a blank space in the record that covers eighteen years in the life of Christ (from age 12 to 30). Other than the generic allusion that Jesus advanced in wisdom, stature, and in favor with God and man (Luke 2:52), the Bible gives nothing more about Jesus' life during this time span. A common assumption amongst Christians is that Jesus simply lived in Nazareth during that period, but there are various accounts that present other scenarios, including travels to India.
Several authors have claimed to have found proof of the existence of manuscripts in India and Tibet that support the belief that Christ was in India during this time in his life. Others cite legends in a number of places in the region that Jesus passed that way in ancient times.[1] The Jesus in India manuscript was first reported in modern times by Nicolas Notovitch (1894). Subsequently several other authors have written on the subject, including the religious leader Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (founder of Ahmadiyya movement) (1899), Levi H. Dowling (1908), Swami Abhedananda (1922),[2] Nicholas Roerich (1923–1928),[1] Mathilde Ludendorff (1930), and Elizabeth Clare Prophet (founder of Ascended Master Teachings New Age group) (1956).[3]"
People will find it very hard to digest is a fact, which I acknowledge but the truth can be at times stranger than fiction more and more proof to prove my point will follow in my future blogs.'solitairebala'

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