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The movie which made headlines around the world recently has another side and dimension, which though subtle, but conveys the strong fundamentals of children, growing up in difficult and dreary life akin to dogs, but yet holds on to the virtues called DHARMA, SATHYAM, NEETHI and most importantly KARMA Without expectations of getting the favors back, {In English SENSE OF SATISFACTION OF SHARING THE WOES AND HAPPINESS, TRUTH,JUSTICE, but most importantly the philosophy of doing your duty without expecting anything in return as profit or favour.] this was the inherent message which the story teller must have consciously or accidentally conveyed to the mass, also proved the righteous fundamentals which in India, we see in slums as well. That in itself is a story well told, even without the last minute lottery perhaps for a bit of drama used to spice up the dish served for aroma and taste.

Our country and its people would still be living the righteous life had it not been corrupted by the influence of Europeans, who ruled us against all morals with the sheer destructive power of deadly weapons they invented or rather copied from our own civilizations, which had minutely conveyed the science behind all the technologies in existence today but were known to us from time immemorial. For instance test tube babies have been explained in our Great epic ‘Mahabharatha” in which Kouravas all total 101 children of the same couple was grown up in pots , which our modern science has recently been crediting themselves of having “invented” the latest technique.

Like wise our “NAVAGRAHAS” includes Sun and Moon, we had actually taken our westerners for a ride before, now they themselves have reversed the status given to Neptune and Pluto recently, by degrading those both planets, which again confirms our Vedic science more superior in Astronomy and Astrology and cosmos as a whole. Our extent of knowledge in the above sciences are unmatched even today by any “big bang” theorists’ who can only presume and not prove beyond doubt, the existence and realities of Cosmos. We all stand a better chance of getting the answers for our quests for knowledge, which existed in an era of thousands of years back through Sanskrit and some other languages which existed but seems to have been lost unlike Latin, Sanskrit, Tamil, lost and gone through dark periods again to rise up to a level of .001 percent of what was the reality with our forefathers.

This premise is absolutely possible as cycle of events happening even in present times in the world, which can destroy the whole world of its living beings with the kind of weapons we possess, absolutely enough to destroy the world thousands of times. But the next evolution again takes place perhaps after millions or billions of years all these so called latest weapons, mass killers are all mentioned in different names such as Brahma Astra, [Arrow in English.] which means the deadliest ICBM [Inter Continental Ballistic Missiles] Lasers too are explained in detail in our ‘Puranas’ or Ithihas the names for the greatest of epics of our History. {Like our Guruji.Sri.Sri.Ravisankar pointed out that the very meaning of Ithihas if translated to English is History]

Though, we seems to have lost ninety nine percent of our written scriptures the one percent which is left is enough to cobble it all together and construct the events which lead to the present stage of humanity. Thank fully, there are people spending decades of committed work towards the establishment of truth like our dearest Dr.Gopalakrishnan, who is a scholar in a variety of fields including English and Sanskrit other than so many other fields [refer my earlier blogs for details of Indian Institute of Scientific Heritage sites [IISH]. Truth is bound to come up at last.

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