Tuesday, May 12, 2009



As a person who was among the firsts to blow the whistle on the stashed away funds mainly by our politicians, criminals, smugglers, black marketers etc. way back before even the elections were announced, so as to coincide with this election fought furiously than ever before, by almost all parties as the stakes have become so high for some due to lack of power while, others for retaining power.

An Indian election for the first time in modern history has a direct bearing on the world as a whole due to the very fact of the enormity and the sheer number involved. I suppose Indian Prime minister will become the most powerful man on earth, only Chinese have the numbers to outshine or become the most powerful force but they follow failed communism but in real is only dictatorship with no elections at all. Super powers such has US, Russia, UK ,France and Germany all can be considered spent forces, while India and China Alone are the emerging and sleeping giants who has suddenly woke up to realize our present day power, though a veto power in UN still eludes us.

The outcome of the present election in itself will be the most looked after affair by the whole world very closely, so as to chart their new diplomatic and strategically important approach, which certainly will have a huge bearing in our foreign policies, friends and foes but, all are in dire need for friendship and business with us, which can only happen when they openly become our allies rather who openly support our causes and cases in forums like UN and other international arenas. No country in the world today can afford to ignore the importance of India unlike a couple of decades back when we were almost ruined with heavy burden of external debts and internal strife.

But youngsters were making a huge difference abroad and brought back home most of the jobs including manufacturing, services and setting up big corporate MNCs with dummy and some real partners, who must be an Indian or Indian Company for their operations and profiteering in India. Huge funds were invested and along with the same huge profits made rather looted, at the cost of mostly the blood and sweat of our poorest and middleclass, they all succeeded, which gave more ideas for their Indian clones, who too started to bring funds routed through Tax havens and reaped the benefit meant for foreign direct investors who can invest in India in a big way and also take back those colossal funds together one fine morning, which created havocs in our markets.

Most of those involved in such games in share market were rich criminals who have safety and protection of almost all governments most importantly our own government agencies who guide them while ensuring protection with the help of the big fishes as well. Illegal funds of huge quantity appeared and disappeared at will, of those criminals including some powerful politicians and terrorists from so many countries including India. I am not sure about the procedures of participatory notes being used for investing in our share market, according to my limited knowledge, there is absolutely no way of ensuring about the origin of such funds.

Under such conditions due to their greed for more in double quick time ultimately ended the run in a disaster, which could have been avoided had our watchdogs who follows the trails of black money was sincere in their efforts to un earth or identify the crooks involved. Now since, US under Barack Obama too is keen in punishing the culprits, our politicians too had to bark to convince the general public, who are now aware of the amount of money and the sheer volume of the funds, belonging to people of Indian origin itself is almost half of such ill gotten funds. All our political parties routinely park their funds in Tax havens, but now for the first time, some have uttered here and there that they will do everything possible to bring back such monies. If at all any party is willing genuinely to go after the same with all our might only, time and god will know. I am doubly sure that once the election is over they might try and put it under the carpet and as we all are aware people have very short memory, a bomb blast in a town or village can divert the attention of the general public to security again thereby, forgetting the main issue of stashed funds and to do justice to our fellow countrymen, who are the real and rightful owners of any such funds kept no matter where and how safe , if we have the will we can get it back from the devil himself.

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