Wednesday, May 13, 2009



Having dealt with the subjects of sources of water and the looming dangers if we ignore out of sheer stupidity, to address forestation and purification of the available 3 percent of fresh drinkable water, which is a must do act, urgently therby laying foundation for a better tomorrow with more fresh air and more fresh drinkable water.

Fact remains that most of our so called tall leaders, along with the not so tall ones are neglecting these issues as they are least bothered and seldom spend time thinking of humanity as a whole. Their only concern is to make wealth as much as possible and more again before their 4 or 5 years term is over. The guys sitting on responsible positions are so naïve and stupid that their utmost thought only goes as far as the next general elections and ways of amassing wealth at the cost of the poorest people on earth.

Now, at last there are some very few thinking people, who have been elected due to the sheer power of internet and the information technology, which has been the most widely, used tools for publicity unlike the televisions and radios decades back. Netizens are growing in numbers, worldwide web, which gives a comfortable thought for an optimistic person like me, who never ever gives up on the tirade against the corrupt and crooked.

I am sure that we can make the changes happen drastically and urgently only, if we elect the guys who are committed towards humanity as a whole, unlike the lesser guys who are only thinking for the money involved in each act and policies, they are the ultimate fools as money never accepts invitation to visit but rather goes in the direction of the righteous slowly but gradually. More pessimistic ones may differ with me saying that 99.99 percent of the world’s population is corrupt and are fools without an idea of where we are heading to. But my view is that we have at the least 10% righteous guys on earth and if the people realizes and chooses them as the leaders, with honesty, determination and actions rather than the rhetoric, fanatic, and mentally sick guys, who are neurotics and insecure and in majority of cases the worst cowards, who hide behind innocent people, who can easily be fooled, majority are the uneducated and most innocent among our world populace. Our main target should be to alienate those crooks by showing their real colour through the net, first to the side lines so as to enable the upright and patriotic people with compassion a quality absent in most of our leaders but, for the very few who are exceptions, they are the ones who must be given a chance through the ballot so that they can rescue the world as a whole if they gets a chance to lead our world as a whole, which is in a mess created by none other than our own selfish leaders for their selfish deeds only to hold on to power thereby ensuring riches to be stashed away in tax havens.

We must make sure that they don’t get to use that wealth, no matter what worst scenario we may have to face, as it will not be a easy or simple because the tentacles of the octopus has surrounded the earth and presently in the clutches of such poisonous and live octopuses like creatures, who can not be termed as humane hence, the naming.

What ever happens after elections in India? We have to get the money back for the benefit of our poor and innocent people. Mainly to be used for reversing the adverse development towards destruction. To put ,global warming in check, while making available the much needed drinkable water throughout the world for drinking thirdly but not the least, food security and sops for farmers has to be our priority and on top of our agenda. “Oh Mother earth forgive them for they do not realize their sin”

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