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Mother Nature, as it is called is due to the very fact that, nature is our mother, supports and sustains life of all forms from time immemorial. Human manipulation to suit their selfish and unreasonable greed was the reason for the destruction of Trees and contamination of water, erasing of all the green cover to make concrete jungles and on top of it all mining of fossil fuels and ores for metal, petroleum products etc.

The most pressing issue though, many have not yet realized the truth, is the scarcity of drinkable water. Though our mother earth is filled with water, which is about 75 %, out of which, pure drinking water is only 3 percent, which again gets contaminated and the reduced actual drinkable water is 0.007 percent of the fresh water. Many countries in Africa is now faced with acute drinking water scarcity and many lives, one child in every 15 seconds is dying out of sheer thirst or usage of contaminated water, as no human being can survive more than 7 days without water.

The above facts and figures have been arrived by none other than our UN, and in 5 to 10 years time majority of the human population will perish due to thirst alone, if we don’t reverse the effects of water contamination and have to get the drinkable water of 3 percent purified in war footing so as to make humanity survive.

This basic need is only the tip of the iceberg, and other dangers looming ahead will be dealt with by me in my coming blogs each day. The forest Cover has been shaved off making the oxygen available getting reduced each year and results in ill health and health related deaths. We all know trees have life and are the main tool in conversion of carbon di oxide to oxygen required for all living beings for breathing and unlike water, lack of oxygen can kill a person in minutes leave alone hours or days.

Here again, man has manipulated the natures’ destruction for momentary profit thereby endangering the lives of human, animals and birds, as none can survive without oxygen.
Governments around the world is living in a fools paradise, as none have come out with any reasonable solutions but kept the rate of destruction to the maximum for the profit to be made at present. The thought of life endangerment in the future is far from being addressed except for a few guys who have been crying hoarse since last few years but no one seems to be listening.

May God Save Humanity? To be continued:-

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