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I have dealt in my last blog the problems arising out of drinking water scarcity around the world and if we succeeds in addressing this matter with urgent actions may at least save millions of lives of people and animals, though the seriousness is not felt by even the most developed countries because with their wealth backing, they are able to pay and get whatever quantity they need for the moment. But the scarcity in dry areas such as North African Countries, Asian and Latin American countries will result mass scale death. We have to make water sources block free while cleansing what ever is available. Sea water purification for drinking purpose has not yet been perfected, hence the anxiety for our future.

In Tamilnadu already the old and young are taught how to preserve water and considers wasting water will result in “Lakshmi” the goddess of wealth, ignoring such people thereby making them live in poverty all life. Rajasthan also is a state which assesses a bride by the way she uses one mug of water. To get the maximum benefit she has to at least make that mug of water counted in such ways as cleaning grains followed by using the same water again for cleaning ourselves to be followed by pouring the same, after all such menial uses, to the roots of trees for their thirst as well. That according to me is the way forward as each and every individual should be aware of the drinkable water scarcity looming large on humanity in the next decade itself.

The solutions are plenty if one goes about it seriously for rain water harvesting, check dams and must ensure full commitment not to waste water any longer. The UN has made it clear, that before our fossil fuels get over, our precious water too will dry up.

When humanity is facing such dangers of extinction even before the animals are through and becomes scarce, instead of addressing these crucial acts, we are engaged in terrorism and wars all around the world, which can not be supported under any circumstances. But will better sense prevail? God only knows.

Disappearing forests is the worst nightmare after our scarcity of water problem. It is high time that we people give more space for a forestation program so as to widen and encouraging animals and birds to breed and multiply which will up to an extent, reduce the damage already done. The encroachment of forest land has to be reversed radically and speedily while planting saplings of all varieties needed to make it a rain forest again. We must at least be able to double the size of reserved forest in 10 years time to make some difference at the least. For this purpose people has to be compensated by moving out of the jungle and engaging them for the purpose of a forestation policy strictly, the expenditure should be borne by the respective Governments to do justice at least 10% to our future generations. The Tribals mainly will be the effected people, as they live mostly at the edge of forests. Their rehabilitation and compensation should not be meager at all, as it is a noble cause for which we are denying them their present livelihood. They should be given preference in jobs and steady income otherwise that also will result in human tragedies.

Reducing the effect of global warming has to be the biggest challenge for our humanity in the coming decade. That will only happen with the co-operation of all countries of the world to make it a national policy to be adhered strictly and bring down the level by at least half of the present emission levels in the next decade to at least give some hope for the survival of life on our dearest mother earth. Today being celebrated as ‘mothers day’ will have real effect if humanity starts considering our planet as the mother of all creatures big, small animals birds and all those lovely living beings.

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