Saturday, May 16, 2009

'comes the time comes the man.


The latest election exercise in a mass country as India is tribute to those who held responsible posts doing their best under all circumstances straining. The hugeness of our country is in evidence as the best democracy anywhere in the universe to our knowledge.
India has gone through hell and have always came back dramatically, by the sheer power of the people of this great Country, I am more proud than ever before, that the faith in the people will ultimately succeed because one might be able to fool or take people for a ride once or twice a life time, but no one can always fool everyone.

Now the young and bubbling youth that I see around are not the kind to take things laid back as perhaps our generation was. Now results are to be shown on the ground for people to vote you back to power .Credit goes to Dr.Manmohan Singh, who has proved again his intelligence and passion for the country. Sonia Gandhi stood as rock of Gibraltar to give him strength and authority. I admire Mrs.Sonia Gandhi as she has proved to be the “Jhansi Rani of modern India” and most importantly more Indian and has done for more for the people of India, than all her predecessors put together. I salute for her braveness and truthful approach which people has rightly realized as they yet again put complete faith in her than all her so called ‘INDIAN’ adversaries, people has answered the call Sonia Gandhi is Our Rani ,We salute her for putting her life in the fray ,so goes with in terms of risks, her children took as well, we simply love them. Varun has made himself a fool by trying to inflame communal dis-harmony. This is most un- Indian than any, act.

As far as Mr.Shashi Tharoor, I have known him since so many years and to be frank is my real life hero, a role model for our younger generation. True gentleman, a person respected all over the world for his forthright approach worthy of admiration and awe, as he knows best, the problems facing humanity as a whole, more than any in the world at present. He is our best hope to find solutions and when it comes to international affairs in international arenas, he has the ability, knowledge and strength to emerge stronger through the turmoil of factionalism, communalism, terrorism and migratory flue sickness which has to be tackled on war footing in the whole world. For a person having worked for UN as undersecretary that stint has given him immense exposure, he is the man best equipped to deal with all emergencies facing the world now.

I wish and assure all those doubters, that as a person who has personally known Mr.Shashi Tharoor, while he visits his mom on holidays some time back at Coimbatore. No one can deny that he is a jewel in the crown of Dr.Manmohan singh, which is Shashiatan, for me and all of us who knows him well.

God has again saved our country from a certain disaster yet again, through the people who has trust and faith in Soniaji, Rahulji and Priyanka too, as she rightly pointed Varun’s folly, of trying to divide our populace again.

Encouraging times ahead after gloom, there will be sunshine again after each rain.

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