Monday, September 23, 2013


Indian elections are only a few months away.We saw most of our government machinery being utilised by present rulers , by hook or crook they badly needs victory ,out of panic, their actions has been backfiring on them for instance, the built up cases against our army general has actually shown their nervousness.Now people are no more as stupid as they were 5 years ago.They will ensure the victory of truthful politicians alone.But most importantly we must now ensure that no one escapes our country, when election results are out.Especially those who are involved in mind boggling corruption scandals, unearthed in the last 10 years alone.

They may even take support of underworld Dons such as Dawood etc, while trying to explore ways and means of escape.[Perhaps they are already in touch with agencies such as ISI or CIA and might have made escape plans] Our primary job is to ensure they are stopped from going abroad,I saw their present plans allowing bureaucrats to go abroad fore treatment,this is an escape route indirectly, opened for those fraudsters.Because there are now best treatment for any ailments in India itself now, why then these hurried laws?

We must be able to out think these crooks from political parties, high level bureaucrats, because the corporate bigwigs are already having multi national presence,which makes their escapes always easy.

There should be heightened vigil at all exit points and watch out for suspicious movements.Unless we make all those scandal makers face, trail and punishment in our country itself , the purpose of our struggles may go in vein. End result must be the triumph of Truth and truth alone. I can assure the tribal population that this is their best chance for a change in our country make good use of it, so as to benefit their life and security.

Like in chess middle games will be more complicated ,while giving more chances as well,but the end game counts most because there only we find who is the victor and the loser.I take this occasion to convey my full confidence in Narendra Modi,our Ex. Army General,Arvind Kegrival & Anna Hazare.

Our movements now onwards, should be to give acute pressure and maintain the same intensity for the next 7 months more,after which the game will change and law will ultimately takes its own course.    

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