Saturday, November 19, 2011

Frisks on our Ex.president Abdul Kalam an Insult to Indians,If name is the criteria then 'What about Mr.[Mu]barack Obama'?

We can be tolerant only to the extend of fair treatment, but if our President,who was the first citizen of the 1.2 billion Indians,the largest Democracy on earth, is being targeted not once but twice by US authorities, then it must be viewed most seriously. It is an insult to the greatest democracy of the world.

Though our Dear Mr.Kalam, brushed it aside by saying to forget & forgive, as it is not worth discussion, we Indians owe him so much, as he was one of the most distinguished president we ever had, and a real gentleman and a great scientist but most importantly, came from a very poor back ground and made it to the top by sheer talent and hard work. He has never indulged in dirty politics, it was a choice most cherished by Indians' when we all felt proud that we have an honest gentleman, who is genuine, unlike the most disliked and disgusting politicians on the helm today,most corrupt is some thing not worth mentioning at all, as we have witnessed the worst case scenarios,and the huge size and volumes of the figures swindled in almost all ministries some have come out in public domain ,some others are coming out slowly and some cases have been dealt so cunningly will come out perhaps a little later,the thickness of their skin is like the Rhino's.Only a few of them like Mr.Antony and perhaps Dr.Manmohan Sing alone has stood through the whole era without much of a blemish.But by siding those most corrupt snobs, Dr.Manmohan Sing has lost his own credibility also in the recent times.He is perhaps being coerced to go along or perish.

Now if the names are the criteria then the Americans should be frisking their own president for his real name could only have been Mr."Mubarack Obama"as his father was a Kenyan Muslim [If my memory has not failed me.]which,must have been later made up to look more acceptable to American citizens and changed to Barack. This fact can be realized by Indians easily as we come across such names which are very common among Muslim community in the world.

Our government should have been more tough, while dealing with such insults on our countries' most respected personalities.We can very well treat the same way their ex. first citizens' as well, but our decency and culture is much above the culture-less behavior of Americans, who are actually following a barbarian culture , understandably due to their history, which is only about 2 to 3 centuries old and the most cruel and barbaric can be seen from their brief history for they wiped out the entire Red Indian populations first, by killing on sight all the sons and daughters of the soil in their own country, then followed the slave trade and the rest of the history of plunders and mass consumption of the resources starting with their own greenery and animals is history.

They are at least 20 generations behind Indians. Whether they acknowledge this fact or not it is the truth,it can be surmised by the consumerists lifestyles and the rate at which they gobbled up their countries' vast resources with out any regret or forethought for their future generations. They plundered and led lives of spendthrifts to find themselves now in such a precarious condition and the whole world is effected.Above all they killed millions of innocent people around the world if the leader does not listen to their liking.

Just give a thought to their eliminations [the word used by them] starting with the red Indians and the animals for sport and fun followed by mass imports of African slaves,who were treated worse than the animals on those days for centuries, abused and killed for centuries before better sense prevailed and the old hawks were silenced. But again their trigger happy life did not change for the World Wars followed by Vietnam and so many other countries around the world found their missing citizens alarming,WWW 2, was yet another disaster with even atom bombs used on human beings and the effect is there even today as it has been for generations.

Now the west Asia is suffering along with Afghanistan, Pakistan and so many other Arab countries
are the targets now. How long can this go.The next 3 years is going to be the worst scenario for US citizens and all those who supported their cruel acts around the world. The Arms lobby will find themselves facing the wrath of god first, then others will have to pay back for generations for their sins just as the Jews, after the crucification of Jesus Christ suffered for about 20 to 25 generations and are still not mending their ways, as they simply do not understand the results of 'Karma'. In other words the one who commit sins will have to pay the price for generations.The best examples are the Jewish money lenders who suffered en mass , during second world war. It was the culmination of their forefathers' sins who started by crucifying Jesus Christ, there was a noble soul, who took them away through Europe from the place called Jerusalem or present day Israel, to allow them to live and rid of the karmic results, by living righteously, but unfortunately most of them forgot the values and Karma and indulged in cut throat money lending, which is the most despicable act, which carries a curse on those who indulges in such easy money making process [but rewards those, if done for the needy ones to make a life and takes his capital with some extra given out of gratitude for having given them a chance to live honorably if it results in loss leave it as charity.], But instead what we witness is the mode of recovery by those cut throat lenders are most bewildering, even worse, as they tend to go beyond the criminal laws to punish the defaulters by threats and kills. These acts mounts on to their lists of sins committed and they will suffer for generations.

For those who suffers but still hold on to their values and ethics will reap harvest for generations,the god is with them, the exact case with India, where the poorest are the most nice people you can come across and will not touch others money, even if they get a fortune on the road side,there are still people who try to find the real owner to return the same through the help of police.

The reason we find more and more sages in Himalayas doing meditation is because they have realized the futility in living life to harm others,but instead leads a life to get them selves enlightened through meditation for years, and it is surprising to see that they can survive without food and drinks daily, only at times takes some medicinal leaves along with water which is enough for them.The energy they get is from the Sun light of early mornings and late evenings

May lord help those sinners realize the truth and mend their ways,Charity to help the ones in real need is the order of the day. Those who realize this truth is wise and great souls but those who waste their lives without an iota of goodness in them will perish, unfortunately, their future generations also suffers for no fault committed by them. Some are blessed with good life because their fore fathers must have done good deeds or they them selves must have been the ones who did good for others. The debits and credits or the merits and demerits are meticulously kept by the lord him self, who is the best book/ledger keeper that has ever existed, seen or realized.

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