Saturday, November 12, 2011


The change in the mood of people around the globe is proof of their growing awareness of the reality of the governance around the globe, which has been catering mainly to the richest 1% for the past several decades in the name of open market economic policies' favouring the Corporates' alone. All was done discreetly till recent times, but as always, god alone did help and with mercy on the suffering lot, did light up on the glaring disparities, through the spectrum of mass media revolution,which though was not intended for the purpose, later turned out to be the trail, leading to the door steps of corruption of mind boggling proportion with out any exception all around the globe.The complicity of the politicians in connivance with the Corporates and Government servants, was looting in large scale for several decades has now come to light.

The main reason for the outcome was the mobile phones and internet banking facilities which facilitated easy transactions for the corrupt, making their job much easier but they never could foresee the implications of electronic storing of data in different locations,which could be traced anytime of the chain transactions around the globe which could not be covered up easily as the giant 'World Wide Web' was the net , which trapped many big fishes/crooks, who otherwise were very wise and cunning, but due to the lack of knowledge in electronics,or simple ignorance and foresightedness due to the sudden evolution of networked computers, which could store data in external devices or in multiple platforms to be retrieved any time later,as well as the intranet or the main servers, could hold information for centuries making all those dubious transactions vulnerable to scrutiny.Tracking the money trail became easier for the source and receiver can be identified easily any time.

Indian brains played a big part in software's used in most banking and financial set ups along with mobile phones.The conversations through mobile phones are records with such authenticity was proved when, even our great and clever Hansie Cronje [The erstwhile South African Cricket Captain] could not deny the conversations in connection with match fixing, which was all recorded automatically every time a call is made. You don't need to tap the phones but can get it any time as and when required from the service provider, this simple fact many clever guys could not fathom or could have imagined in the earlier stages/times of mobile phone usage.

Many crimes were easily solved through the help of such electronic data available today. That is the reason for the Governments around the globe who are now concentrating and every effort in their arsenal and power is used to suppress such data and mass cover up of the materials already in public domain[such as wiki leaks],which itself has done enough damage for even the laymen can be aware of the possibility of getting the data if one asks for it.Hackers are plenty with super brains, than the ones who make the soft wares,decoding or copying of data is even done by some teenagers of the present generation.

Indian Government has got the data or is refusing to accept and is trying hard like other countries to cover up or hush up the whole stuff without further damage, by mentioning silly answers like the authenticity can not be verified,which is very hard to digest for all those who has some knowledge in computers and present world scenario. The Swiss and other Tax havens are now willing to share data but our government is, apart from not requesting, is also denying to receive any such information, perhaps by sending the mails back to sender, or receive it and spike it for ever.They are also quoting double taxation treaty, an unknown commodity till recently ,perhaps might have surprised the tax havens themselves, for they may not have known the existence of such treaties,till the time our Government "reminded" them, as if telling them 'Oh common guys you know what it means'. But interestingly we never heard of any such treaties from any of those Tax haven countries themselves.But our Government insist the treaty is binding, and we can not ask for details of people of Indian origin having funds stashed away, the reason is due to the so called treaty in existence.This is the ultimate rubbish blabber and is an insult to the intelligence of the people of India,who are mostly righteous, but not dump and duff.

Now the situation is very sensitive for the people are now very alert and are watching and listening each word or each scene, unfolding day by day. The simple truth is that you can not fool all the countrymen always. Now as told by some authority, 1/3 of our districts is in control of Maos,who are heavily armed and is hell bend on a violent revolution, while the middle class is supporting the peaceful movements such as Anna Hazare's Lokpal or the likes of Occupy Wall street.Now if the Government embark upon a bailout of King Fisher for instance,to pacify the 1% [Super Rich Corporate],mentioned above again so blatantly, could be the triggering point, and all hell will break loose.The populace is also keenly watching the corruption scandals and the covert plan ,perhaps by the government to go soft on them to make sure their government majority is not compromised, will also have its repercussions [As may be proved in the case of Amar Singh].On the other side,the accused ones' might start to name big fishes, once their court trial gets serious, which also will be ringing the alarm bells on the government of UPA2.

But for sure the end game is nearing, the winter session of parliament will be the most critical phase, while the whole country is waiting with anguish and frustration, the Kerala Court mentioned it aptly by reminding that this is akin to 'slow killing of our countrymen', in other words the thousands of farmer deaths [which has become a non event/issue these days] can be equated to mass murder by the apathy of the government machine. Millions have already died due to the ignorance of the Government and the burden of price rises year after year, due to sheer frustration some committed suicides while others succumbed to serious ailments due to stress , poverty and lack of government support or treatment. This government has become non functional and is in a coma,but they don't want to move aside as well. This is proving to be very dangerous for our dear Mother India. May the lord show mercy on the people of India and the Globe.

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