Wednesday, November 16, 2011


There has been a lot of facts not known to Indian authorities about the atrocities and mass killings of hundreds of thousands civilian Tamils in the name of their fight against LTTE.There are still lacs of Tamils missing in 'action'. The Chinese have been the main force, which helped the Lankans in these mass massacres of innocent Tamil civilians.

What happened to those hundreds of thousands of Tamils who were there, prior to the gruesome operation,with deadly weaponry along with the help of deadly virus mixed food and beverages supplied to those hungry Tamils, who were caught between the combined Chinese and Lankan military and the LTTE. They are not to be seen and the number of those living in temporary shelters are very much below the number, much below the expected population who were 'removed' from the scene of fighting.The missing ones have most probably been poisoned,with the help of Chinese as they are experts in such cunning designs and what was supposed to be humanitarian help, by way of food and beverages, might have been the most lethal and fatal supply they used to wipe off the huge Tamil population in the Northern parts of Srilanka.

The UN in its report had pointed out to the war crimes of huge magnitude and gave reports of mass killings of unarmed civilians which is unimaginable even in some African countries with cannibalism. The utmost disregard for human rights and its violations,is a shame on humanity, during the fight against the so called enemy LTTE. But in real they managed to bury most of those helpless Tamil populace.

The recent aggression shown by China and Srilanka in Indian ocean is proof enough of their complicity in these facts,their paranoia of seeing our fishermen, any where near their waters because, they are guarding their secret war crimes, and do not want the international community to know of the facts, which are most likely true and now the biggest cover up of the massacre is underway.

India may have to pay heavy prize for the ignorance our government showed at the height of the massacre by keeping away or distancing our selves, and not supporting the innocent Tamils who had nothing to do with LTTE. The Chinese are fortifying Srilanka with Lankan government support for their future plans of action for the supremacy in Indian ocean.Our efforts in Maldives is late and may not be enough as a buffer zone, if it comes to a direct confrontation with the Chinese in our backyard.

Especially, in the background stories, emerging almost every day of the Chinese, showing their might and their tactics of intimidation on every occasion has to be fought with political guts and will, to defend our great country from the ugly and cunning designs of a greater power.The history already has proven this point during the war during early Sixties,they can never be trusted. Ever since then the war tactics, had vastly changed in to covert operations by taking advantage of our helpless tribesmen,who has been living on the edge for decades, due to ignorance from our own governments' who were only interested to see our corporates' being listed in the Forbes magazines. Now the time of reckoning has come for the tribals' as they have nothing more to lose and rightly has taken arms most likely from the Chinese, mainly to defend them selves and for survival alone, from our own governments who has branded them as 'terrorists'[Maos or Naxals] but in real are the sufferers due to government apathy for almost six decades. Their daily livelihood, rather food at least one meal a day, is a far cry and struggle.

It is high time for our bigwigs and those who matters in the corridors of power, to open their eyes to the realities and start acting with compassion and love for our fellow and very unfortunate citizens who may not survive much longer under the present scenario.

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