Wednesday, November 9, 2011


The most unlikely lesson most people forget to learn is that our life,job and the very existence of mother earth itself has no guarantee. No matter how secure you might feel, be it financially or safety of your surroundings or the safety from the people, who surrounds you as friends.No body ever can say it is the most guaranteed position ever in ones life.

On each occasion when a fool feels he has some thing in his hand which is guaranteed for life is always proved utterly wrong. Like the person who declared the 'Titanic' as unsinkable found it went down in its very first voyage itself killing thousands. Like wise those big corporations who thought they are unsinkable in terms of financial might, found themselves falling like a pack of cards a few years back.

The Insurance companies for instance is guaranteeing returns for one hundred years for a policy taken by his/her parents in the name of a child ,it is by noway different from the above circumstances of drastic changes, most unexpectedly not thought by any brilliant human minds.That is the very reason for people not to panic under any circumstances because situations evolve and keeps changing most times, making the most clever guy look the most foolish among a bunch of fools. And the most foolish and innocent one might benefit under extraordinary circumstances without him ever knowing a hint of what can be expected, such are the ways of the lord.

Now coming to those one percent so called rich who is holding ninety nine percent of the wealth of the world also may feel that they are the most clever guys on earth and has manipulated with their brains to make that fortune,but the real truth is, it does not take much time for them to suddenly realize that they have lost all in a matter of few months, such is gods' ways that it hits people according to their 'Karma' {Duty] and ultimately makes them realize how foolish they were to have done so much, to effect so many lives for their selfish deeds.

There are people who yearns for death which simply does not come to them,for they have not yet paid back their dues for the sins committed by them or their forefathers. Like wise we must remember that what ever we do for our future generations by providing wealth, is no way going to guarantee them good fortune for life on the other side, without good deeds done by us the curse is bound to be effecting our future generations as well, as can be seen in real life situations all around the world.

I pity those greats, when I see our politicians talk big economics and figures of growth at the rate of 9 to 10 % yearly, which will take us to the top of the world and so on. How little and silly these people are, for they do not have the capacity to think beyond the economic theory which they learned from people, who themselves were not sure of it,but made up some theories by trail and error and managed to compile a set of rules, as possibilities, which too has no guarantee. There are truly no foolproof economic theory in existence in today's world, we have only been aping those who became rich by other crooked means and based it all on some theory, which we imagined was the secret of their success but in reality it is not true at all.

To comprehend other than the interest calculations they do to fleece the poor, while pleasing themselves and the so called rich at these present times, and talking about profits even if made, at the cost of millions of deaths, is no matter of concern for them, because their university education only taught them how to make profit and how to be cut throats and mean to be a successful business man. They forgot to teach them first, how to be a successful human being which is primary, while a successful businessman/women is only secondary.But the Doctorates and Nobel prize given to them is not for such en devours of humanity, which has no value in today's world.The guy who makes the most lethal weapon of mass destruction will the one recognized for the most coveted prizes in today's world. He would be considered as the greatest and the most brilliant human brain on earth.

Oh lord what a tragedy, but ultimately you have a way around these guys is sure,but by then millions more will perish ,above the millions already dead,perhaps that's your way of balancing the population growth which has been abnormal.

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