Tuesday, November 1, 2011


We have been witnessing the global uprising against the one percent who are the problem creators of the whole globe. They have amassed wealth out of every thing & any thing.The 99% wealth is in their hands.The governments are owned by them,while the other 99% populace is helpless and suffering.The tax havens are made for them by them.They decide whom to put in power and whom to be wiped off.

The Forbes list is a ready reckoning list of some of those crooks,the rest are the private bankers' and the leaders who are behind the scene partners in all these ventures mostly. From banking ,Insurance, share markets , Hospitals ,Trusts ,educational Institutions ,constructions,real estates, entertainment industry like cinema,TV Channels,drug peddling ,arms trade,pimping ,mass media and what not. They make money out of thin air because no one questions them,who ever stands up to them vanishes from the earth.

God has been slightly inclined to help the poor by awakening them to the realities indirectly or by accidents and the show off mentality, of these crooks at times, when they are off guard and can not resist the temptation to show off their wealth and power, did give an insight to the onlooker to what is in reality the close guarded secrets of decades,perhaps the beginning of the new era must have been the 1900 AD onward,when the power tilt happened towards the US and their NATO partners.The Second World War benefited them hugely, the history would have been very different had the Germans won,but their folly of sending their troops to the freezing Russian places sealed their fate and the nuclear Bomb used against the Japanese changed the course of history.

The crony Capitalism is nothing but the close connection of the rulers,big business and government servants looting together by plotting and conniving in every which way they can and the loots are shared and kept in safe Tax havens, which were the starting point of mass scale corruption at the cost of humanity.When questions are raised the Governments drags its feet giving ample time for the crooks, to shift their loots else where, to another tax haven and the game has been going on.

Now the people are aware mostly in every part of the globe about the games, and have started to react slowly,the momentum is picking up. This is the time to end their fate once and for all for that the unity of the 99% is the most important factor, no one should be allowed to create divisions among them. All ultra fighting groups are welcome to join the effort to fight these villains and the countries helping them by allowing them to keep their ill made wealth in secret accounts in the name of double tax treaty which itself is rubbish and the banking secrecy law [Made to benefit these crooks],which they say is binding on them, the reason for not publishing the amounts kept in their banks by people from around the globe or the value of the amount kept.

Most leaders who kept huge amounts in such tax havens ,were later assassinated and their wealth will remain unclaimed and these crooks will eat up those funds too, with out allowing their countrymen have the amount which rightfully belongs to them.

The fight should be coordinated around the globe to make these guys either surrender or gets thrown out after their ill earned wealth confiscated and restored to the country of their origins. May God show some mercy on the poor people on earth who are most innocent.

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