Saturday, November 26, 2011


The hurry with which Indian government passed the legislation to sell our Retail markets too was such a blatant and open blow on our citizens.The chaos and public outcry of the present scenario, inflation in double digits,prize rises abnormally high along with farmer suicides and mass scale population struggling to make the two ends meet, which has brought our country to the brink of disaster all of these factors were of no relevance to our present Government, led by Congress [UPA2],as it has been meticulously following the sell out of each and every sector/part and resources of our country and its huge market of 1.2 billion, to the big corporate honchos of the western world along with our corporate honchos too, as they are invited to form partnerships and loot out of our helpless people.

All the so called reforms are nothing but selling out our sectors one by one starting with banking,Insurance,automobile,mines, telephones,power & energy etc; now to add on ,even our Retail Markets too has been left open for Walmart and company.The argument that it is going to create employment is rubbish, because the reality is that our millions of small retail shop owners will perish and are being invited to be the employees/slaves of those Big corporate owners, who will be taking the loot out of our country.

But our people, if united, can boycott those big stores and keep our retailers in the business instead, by choosing to purchase provisions from our own people rather than the big malls.Like wise, we can choose the products made by our farmers and industry instead of purchasing from those owned by the cunning corporate honchos,that will ultimately make them shut their shops and go away.Their bankers suffered because we had our Public sector banks catering to all sections though the likes of present government, would have been happier had all our public sector banks' sold their shares to these corporate big guys.But our public sector banks still not only survived but saved our country from utter disaster during the economic meltdown witnessed in the western markets, where one by one the banks, all private owned fell or are being closed every week due to bankruptcy.

Our people must realize that there is no guarantee if we depend or invest in their banks or insurance as we have witnessed them falling like never before, leaving the investors lose their hard earned savings.This must be on the back of our mind, as we know that our government is helping them directly and indirectly to make money from our population which is growing hence,the vested interests are keenly black mailing or bribing their way to get our government to open up the sectors one by one. Our so called great economists running the government has succeeded easily in the process of sell out, as they virtually had no opposition, as all our political parties were self centered and all of them took their chance to make a quick buck.At this rate before long, we might see our people also being sold as slaves, to work for these very corporate guys for money by our politicians. God knows whether it is already happening.

Now, one wonders that it would have been better, had we remained under the British rule who had at-least little sympathy, unlike our present government the worst ever,after our independence.We can only look upwards to the lord to show mercy on our innocent citizens.

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