Friday, June 29, 2012

Urgent need for teaching true History of Indian culture.

History being taught in Indian schools for the last few centuries has been the duplicate version of our history ,which was conveniently manipulated by the foreign rulers to suit their development and for destroying our real and great scientific heritage and culture.This fact has been proved in my earlier blogs, which the reader can go through right from the time Mr.Max Muller,created the myth,that the Indian culture is the product of Aryan invasion from Europe.His argument was to support the Colonialists on those days who wanted to change the psychology  and brain washed our generations to suit their cunning plans for spreading their beliefs and ,the fact has now come out in the open that he was in fact paid to create such a myth, and ever since our schools has been teaching these wrongful assumptions and the whole course of history was manipulated by them to spread their beliefs,which is not at all true.

But as the saying goes in India 'Satyamevajayathe' which means the truth will triumph ultimately, as witnessed now, the creation of perverted minds stands hollow now in the eyes of the truth seekers and scholars of high esteem in India and all over the world.Rightly the beginning of the modern science and cultures are in fact  hundreds of thousands of years old,which can be proved by any number of illustrations ,a few has been already blogged by me over the course of last few months,when my curiosity to know the ultimate truth took me from books ,scriptures and thanks to great and eminent people like Dr.Gopalakrishnan of Indian Institute of Scientific heritage, as he was one of those rare gems, who realized the truth, due to his combined knowledge in Sanskrit,Chemistry,Astrology,Maths,Physics etc.he was able to give the correct translation of our old Sanskrit scriptures and our epics such as Ramayana & Mahabharatha [Which includes the Srimad Bagvad Geetha,as preached by none other than the lord Krishna himself  about 5100 odd years ago.].

The greatest war in human history was fought at 'Kurukshetra' in India, prior to which was another war between SriRam and Ravan in Ramayana which  took place in South India ,Sri lanka to be exact.These are all real history and is known as 'Ithihas' which translated to English means History. All these were happenings of importance where the war fought was for good against evil.

Today's history syllabus taught are the recent happenings of about 2000 years , while the history of India goes back to such times, which no human beings alive can fathom or grasp, such is the nature & volume ,which in simple words can not be learned in one life time of about 100 years at the most.

The readers may refer or read my earlier blogs to know more about time and history of 4 yugas.

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