Saturday, June 23, 2012

Indian Prime Minister giving Charity to Imperialists & Colonial powers.

Mr.Prime minister,the mandate given to you was for governing the country and lifting the Majority of our population living in utter poverty ,your own planning commission may have difference of opinion with us due to their wrong basic line itself. tomorrow they even might say Rs.5/- is enough for survival per day.
you calculate the poverty figures to suit your comfort zones, which are rubbish and most childish,according to them all is well.

But the reality which I have seen in our country is entirely different.[I have traveled and worked across the country for decades in different capacities, at times just roamed around the country and have witnessed the truth.],more than one third of our population has taken arms to get them their due, for mere survival,but you ignore their plight and announce 10 billion Dollars for the erstwhile looters of the world and worst kind of spendthrifts and snobs.It seems for a person who was born under the British rule and having got educated in UK,perhaps your loyalty is more towards them. For centuries they looted any thing and every thing from around the world including men ,children and women as slaves.Now the god is punishing them for their sinister Karmic acts adding to that, they have killed millions in wars fought around the world and as a result they are now suffering because they killed millions and millions in the name of moral policing, in fact they brought this up on to themselves.Now it is up to them to realize truth and go for damage control.God can help them if they realize their mistakes and take refuge in the lord.Our countries hard earned money is not for the war chest let us remind you of that simple fact.

Mr.Prime minister, Charity must begin from home,your primary [Prime]duty is towards our countrymen who innocently voted you to power. They have been suffering for that one mistake, since your second term when you went too far in helping out the corporate honchos and corruption in our country is in such volumes almost equal or more, if we take unofficial records as well, to our GDP.What was the amount of deficit in our last budget,what are you planning to do about it ,we demand clarity in your actions of future as well. You seem more inclined to help those euro & dollar empires ,the capitalists who themselves have all the money,stashed away and don't need help from India,it is up to them to selectively find the individuals, who benefited most in the last decade of mass scale looting and wars fought almost in every part of the globe, while, your duty is to punish such anti social elements in India, who amassed wealth at the cost of the poorest , majority of them are surrounding  your party& allies themselves,identify them , my guess is if you are half the man you are claiming yourself to be, then you have enough intelligence to know who the real culprits are? what is stopping you from taking affirmative actions and doing justice for our poor countrymen.

Or are you waiting for the whole country to take up arms to fight you out of power? The situation on the ground is reaching the breaking point ,a point of no return, we can sense it coming ,while your power mongering colleagues are acting as if nothing and nobody can reach them and reveal the truth.

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