Sunday, June 10, 2012


Is is very disheartening to note that children suffering with stress and target pressure, after they joins big name Corporatism,while choosing their jobs after getting a degree or post graduation only to find that they are made to work till death by these blood suckers such as the erstwhile SATYAM ,HCL,TATA AIG, [These are only few names and only the tip of the iceberg.]and some other insurance companies ,after firstly getting tie up
arrangements with Nationalized banks ,then they get to share the names of their existing customers free of cost.

They then calls up each and every customers inviting them all  to invest in their products instead of safe bank deposits, which in fact eats up out of the Banks' deposits itself and are the parasites in our system.The boys and girls who joins them are made to work ,work and work and in the absence of new or fresh leads ,or if they could not get policies each month they are made to 'put in their Papers' in other words they are terminated without any more chances.

We were under the notion that though the respective bank loses out in retaining the deposits,they still earn commission and lots of jobs are being created. But in Ninety Nine out of One hundred the boy or girl loses out because there is just no mechanism in the existing world, where they find takers for regular insurance policies,because the savings of the people itself is nil in these hard times ,and a straight forward person will never be able to provide more than one or two life insurance policies. If it is a job connected with the out sourcing of jobs from the western world then the chances are that you must be working during the nights and seldom gets time to sleep well in the day time.As a result they will lose their health and will burn out sooner ,eventually 2 or 3 decades before your age reaches the retiring age.

I felt very sad for the boys and girls who lose their jobs for no fault of theirs, because the times are very bad,only the politicians who are corrupt ,or those corporate s with high connection in the Government and Bureaucratic set up only makes illegal or black money, which again can not be deposited openly due to the lack of source or money trail they can show. It has been very surprising that the government first of all allowed all those big private players to fleece from our population to consolidate their positions due to their greed & profits .
I am also sure that some of the top political leaders have benefited along with the big guys of the Large Bankers [Mostly the Public Sector Undertakings]. Naturally the foreign banks here offer them ideas, in money laundering or taking the funds away from the country to safe tax havens , and as we all have seen the Central Government helping them explicitly without any iota of conscience for our countrymen.

Unless these children gets organised with Unions  to help them have job security,from these man eaters ,who are only concerned about making always doubling or tripling  more wealth and will never be satisfied,the more they get the more they will ask for. This is another kind of colonialism back in our country perhaps worse than the time prior to our Independence.

If one sees through all these schemes,these are all good selfish  ideas thought out by those ruthless money lenders ,who enters the market without any capital and gets capital out of the poor people like in the case our own countrymen, We suckers are always falling prey to all these gimmicks by our manipulating politicians.      

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