Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The origin of SAMURAI fighters.

In Japanese and most Asian countries including China the word Samurai means the ultimate fighter.The sword wielding warriors who will not take  defeat, rather would die fighting for a win.The Origin no doubt is the erstwhile {Chaver Pada},the suicide squad of King Samuthiri, the first of its kind , of Malabar especially Calicut and its surroundings , where Kalari Payattu, the mother of all martial arts was practiced . I can vouch authoritatively because my forefathers were all good Kalari fighters and including the generals of Vettathil King [The present day Tirur] for about three generations,  later was followed by the name given to them as Adhikari's by the British, who were entrusted with the tax collection towards the exchequer,the seventh such Adhikari who abdicated the vocation became The District Education Officer for Malabar side and made valuable contribution in Malabar area and the Modern day schools ,[Unlike the Gurukulams which taught only some class of the society, mostly  rich]  were born under his stewardship. His name was Mr. Ayyappan and my paternal grand mother was his youngest daughter named Kunhu Madhavi. They still have their family school even to the present day in Tanur,[Mangalath.]

Coming back to the Samurais' who were actually taught Kalaripayattu from Northern Kerala came to be known as Samurais [due to the King who was called the Samuthiri in malayalam.]So many movies have come out successfully from the time Japanese director Kurosawa [hope my memory is right.] in the fifties made 'Seven samurais', the story of seven warriors fighting to save the peasants from the marauding Robbers.Magnificent Seven in English , Sholay in Hindi all were inspired by the original Japanese movie,though they may not agree with me.

The Kalripayattu was the ultimate among fighters till such time,when the guns replaced swords.Now we have the deadliest of weapons to destroy the world thousands of times over again and again, stockpiled by almost a dozen countries which may not include India ,as we never really made stocks of such mass scale destructive weapons ,though it has been mentioned in our epics,and might have been abandoned due to some wise guys who preached well.

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