Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bagwad Gita Messages relevant for all times.

Recently,i came across some news in Russia ,which blamed Geetha preaching, the reason for all their political problems.Fortunately due to some sober and nice people of their Judiciary rejected the argument as rubbish and misleading or misinterpretation of the whole voluminousness epic such as Bagwad Geetha,which itself is enough for the present world to know what is ailing our universe .

Arjun, the great warrior of his times about 5100 years ago was about to fight the greatest war of all times. The war for Dharma and Satya. But seeing his opponents which included his own cousins, uncles, Aunts and their elders who were dear to Arjun.He was not convinced whether the war is worth all the killing of his own kin and relatives,and he was completely a devastated human being unable to take his arms for the war.

That moment was sensed well by Sri Krishna,who made Arjun realize the importance of the war which was  the good against the bad.The righteous  truth and way of life was being threatened by some misleading elements.

That revelation became the basic principle of the rightful path and the destroying and self destructive path followed by the other side. The war was inevitable to set things right for the people who wanted to lead a righteous and pious life.

Sri Krishna through the discourse of his narratives and examples through Bagwad Geetha made Arjun convinced of his duty and started the war, ultimately killing all those who stood on the wrong side ,with Kings who were cunning and crooks.Some of them were nice people who were dragged it to the war due to their love for the country and own children, even when it was clear they were on the wrong side of the forces.

We all come across such confusion in life to do or not to do certain actions, which may have irreversible damage for the poor people.All such circumstances can be faced with guts and braveness like Arjun ,when we analyse the situation according to the messages from Bagwad Gita ,our mind becomes calm with clear thoughts with which,we all can do right in such situations and come out of it as winners.

We know now that almost all noble people realized the importance of Gita verses.Albert Einstein was a grate devotee towards the end of his life and even declared that he was inspired by the words in Gita.
Russian former president Gorbachev inaugurated the seminar on reversal of arms race, too started with a Gita sloka.

Harvard University's management studies rightly begins with Dharma based management,the words such as Dharma based Capitalism/Socialism all originated from  Bagwad Geetha.

'Geetha becomes the new manthra for the big business community in US [Business Week ,US]  

We all can find answers to all our doubts and problems if we submit ourselves to the feet of the lord,who will save us from any difficult situation.    

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