Thursday, June 28, 2012

Disappearing wealth of India?

Our countries'history all along for thousands of years has been of a wealthy country with nice people ,who are tolerant , righteous ,selfless and magnanimous all throughout. That image has made people from across the continents coming over to India for wealth creation and prosperity.Our people,innocent as they were,never suspected any danger in being a good host nor did they ever fight the intruders, instead all were accommodated and lived in harmony till such times when the Europeans came looking for wealth, and with sinister motives of looting about a few centuries ago [Less than 500 years at the most, when Portuguese found the sea route].

That perhaps was the turning point in our history.Firstly they manged to split our populace in lines of community and caste and pitched on against the other by taking the side of the small countries first to fight the bigger ones and eventually we fell in to the trap of colonialism and lived under the empires for centuries but in the end God intervened through Germans and Japanese who fought great wars against the colonialists and imperialist almost finishing them off, but for the Russian winter and the atom bomb,they would have succeeded in ending them for good,but again luck was favouring those sinners,who survived but not before taking a heavy beating at the hands of the above two countries who made sure that the earlier status-qua was maintained.

Then came the rule of the two main blocks of communism and capitalists,the communists held on to many countries by ruling with guns, while the capitalists too held on to their share through sheer arms power ,but in both blocks the individuals made hay while the sun was shining and became so rich, that they could manipulate any where,any way to make money at the cost of the poor people who became poorer day by day,while these usurpers made money by looting and arms trade and wars ,which was again instigated by the two blocks to sell their weapons,which again added to their coffers while the third world became poorer and poorer as years went by.

Now though India is called the largest democratic republic, the power always remained with almost the same leadership throughout the time after our so called independence.In place of the direct governance of the colonialists,it was replaced by the Capitalists or Corporatism.They had partners in our country of traitors, who sided with them in the loot which has been going on and on.

If one analyse the scenario one can see that each sector has been opened up for them to enter and become owners with Indian collaboration banking,mining,power,Big Industries, construction,real estate  etc,just to name few,[other than SSIs and small scale farming] all resources including plantations were in their hands the profits has been  sucked out of the country by these crooks one way or the other. First the Government Nationalized ,then claimed that private ownership performs better hence,the need of digesting the govt.share for cheap rates were sold out, while our countrymen as always never suspected any one,but lately realized  the money going out in to black holes, at times coming back to boost the share market and seeing the boom again our greedy ones invests to make profits but later finds again the sudden suck back when the markets go higher only to go bust again.In these short time investments and withdrawals the guys who invest through the foreign route always make huge profits at the cost of our middle class ,while the government [Those making the policies and changes] also reaps in the profit personally ,as inside traders who can very well manipulate the market ,for their convenience at will. In fact our Government is the only one in the whole world who allows intraday trading           
or the so called participatory notes as called by them with which, no one can find the source of the investor nor do they know where all these money goes back.

The recent hike in petroleum products by Rs.7.50,and subsequently reducing it by half which was their actual target, in real has made our populace the biggest fools.Like wise now the power tariff hike too is some what dubious,as most of the entities like Indian Oil Corpn.Tatas or other Power trading companies have all been making huge profits, while the hike is a result of loss is the argument ,the coal blocks has been allotted with out any norms to favor the ones who has clout in the government has been made public by none other than CAG,who has done auditing & declared a loss of 2 lac crores and another 2 lac crores in spectrum sales ,few lacs again in Commonwealth games,etc.and they says there are losses and wanted to fleece the public again by increasing the rates,where is all the money going., along with other Power trading corporations all have been always making huge profits while the government says they are running in huge loss.The recent KG Basin Gas reserve in the hands of reliance is a pointer, that even without starting the production of natural gas they have looted huge amounts from the public and exchequer.The promise has been forgotten and the public is made to pay extra and more every now and then.

How far and how log these guys can play these games are the interesting part to watch,the reaction from our population in the near by future is really something to watch out,for there will be chaos and civil wars in the near future.

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