Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Indian National Congress,was a simple mans' party when Mahatma Gandhi started it with other leaders.The first mistake was made when people like Sri.Jawahar lal Nehru joined the same for a common cause which was to dismantle the British rule of our country.When it became independent after the II world war, due to the inability of the British to hold on any longer rather than our so called resistance leaders and their actions ,we must simply be thanking the Germans and Japanese for having inflicted real pain for the colonial masters.Millions were killed and most of Europe was run over by The marauding Germans who took hold of most of the territories,while towards the end Japanese marched towards Indian sub continent and took over our North East in to their command and under control.

The rest is history,for the Colonialists it became obvious that it is simply impossible for ruling the world which includes parts of areas in all the continents.Their loot has been lost for the cause of war.The Germans suffered mainly due to bad weather and freezing winters of Russia ,where Hitler had sent most of his forces to take over Russia and just as in the case of Nepolian Bonaparte ,the Frenchman who tried  the same to invade Russia too was beaten not by the enemy, but by the harsh weather of the Russian winter.

The point when Nehru refused to accept any thing under prime minister ship, was the sparking point which made division of India in communal lines inevitable.The split made untold miseries for the populace on both sides who tried to cross over or stick to their respective places,thousands got killed after the midnight when they declared independence,the start of war on communal lines started due to the grudge, of those people who lost their kith & kin and near ones in the utter chaos of the division, which was of the making of Nehru & Co,perhaps Mr.Mohammed Ali Jinnah could have been pacified by Mr.Mahatma Gandhi ,but he was over ruled in the division.The cunning British influenced Mr.Nehru through none other than the Viceroys'[LORD. Mountbatten] wife herself,who was a master spy [as it turned out to be later] used by the British to get things done as quickly as possible and she did a very good job, with her womanly charms and our Leader Mr.Jawaharlal Nehru falling for her.

That was the era of communal strife,which has continued ever since, RSS was a by product of the said times when those who suffered naturally, had to have a party to defend them, as mainly the refugees from Pakistan who had lost everything due to partition, the same must have happened to many Muslims who too went over to Pakistan giving up their roots and land in India.That also must have been the beginning of Muslim fundamentalism as well.

Now , we made so many strides in the right direction by the push of so many good souls, who were simple people, who wanted as patriots to give some thing back for their country.But of late it has become fashionable to appoint those guys who are taught management and the colonial economics and management,by those universities run mainly by the Capitalists who are pro rich Corporates and not at all bothered about the poor or the agriculture sector. Our countries' woes starts from these parasites, who sit on wealth eating out public money for any thing like family outing abroad at the cost of public money and justifies it saying it is a must to have holidays along with their friends and relatives for the discourse of the public [Duty]money spending.They live king size and their prescription for the poorest [according to their calculation those who earns less than Rs.28/ etc.per day] is to cut subsidies for those poor mentioned in brackets,while they can spend on an average of Rs.200000/- or above per day as part of their duty,furnishing toilets alone can have an expenditure of  Rupees 4 million.The funniest part is that they still feel it is not much money to spend on toilets. First they loot the exchequer in the name of public servant and then justifies it as simple day to day expenditure of millions is not much money for them per day, while Rs.28/ is the base line, above which they might start to tax as those are above poverty line people to be taxed more according to these snobs.

Don't we have right thinking people any more in our country taught in our country of our ethics , values and culture of saluting the farmers and soldiers.But almost all those in the ruling class are the clones of their past masters voices and lives like the Colonial past masters who had orderlies to cut their nails etc.We have also seen them using our men as stepping stone to climb in to Vehicles or Horse carts.Our people has been suffering humiliation for holding on to their deal culture and old ways of agriculture and happy days for them when after a good harvest they celebrated in real happiness. I don't see a happy face among our farmers any more. Nor do I see a happy tribal, their plight is more pathetic they know no rules of the land and their right to ownership of their land etc.They are now only thinking of shooting their way out of the mess created by our present masters worse than our past masters.

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