Thursday, June 7, 2012

Emergency was declared when the HC verdict went against Indira Gandhi,in seventies.i

We still remember vividly the declaration of emergency by Mrs.Indira Gandhi ,when she lost an election based court case in Allahabad High Court. When faced with resignation demands she instead declared emergency and became an autocrat and cruel Dictator, all opposition members were put inside Jails. She ruled with an iron fist perhaps like in the lines of Joseph Stalin,who killed all those who were opposing him or even silly suggestions were not heeded to as the ego of the person did not listen to any sober guys around.

Like wise during emergency period India lost all credibility in the eyes of the world and from a democratic country it became a dictatorship over night

Now the case of Chidambaram is in same lines,but even when he lost his plea he says he won.does he think of all 1.2 billion population to be utterly foolish to accept his side alone. Why is this guy so important for Congress what are his trump cards ,with which he has been getting a clean chit every time the public opinion and courts implications,are set aside or ignored in his case alone. He is such a crook is obvious.But he has some great hold or some trick up his sleeve to punish all the top Congress elite is sure due to the very fact that he has always been shielded like their last bastion by the Congress, what is so valuable about this selfish guy. Time will prove all his wrong doings and double games very soon because now the people are so alert ,they can smell a rat unlike the earlier days when the Media was closed and only for benefiting the Rulers.Now there are competition, which will bring to light his hold on power and the reasons behind it.

We know there are honest guys like Mr.Antony in Congress and perhaps Sonia Gandhi too inherited the loot but may not have been a part of the conspiracy in the loot for sure.We can give them all the benefit of doubt but not Chidambaram because the 5 crore or more people of Tamilnadu, knows he is one of the most corrupt politician alive.Their way of defense is strange because instead of defending they always site,that the BJP too did it. Does that make them un punishable at all. In such cases both parties should be punished in the harshest punishment for a traitor or a spy and in fact can be fought on the grounds of culpable homicide not intending to murder or perhaps indirectly causing loss of life by their actions, which may be tried as criminal cases as well.

Let the Lawyers and Judiciary decide the final verdict to put the last nail on P Chidambarams coffin..

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