Saturday, February 9, 2013

Minority Govt of India taking decisions,even when majority opposes.

We saw a lot of hurried decisions taken by Indian Central government ,which could only be told to have technically passed in both houses,but the numbers garnered was not enough for such path braking decisions such as the investment allowed in Retail Trade,banking amendments made in such a hurry,an item only viewed among as a clipping in back pages.

We saw our Finance minister talking about the resilience which our Public sector Banks showed during the nosedive happened in the case of so many western bigwigs. He forgot conveniently his high pitch for the private players.Had he been given a free hand, he certainly would have diluted the govt shares in all public sector banks long back,now he is seen barking in such a manner in which our nationalized banks withstood the downturn only because of his policies,which in turn has resulted in the present crisis faced by our country ,our growth rate for the fist time in independent India has gone below 5% only due to the last 5 years of governance or non governance ,which was pathetic.the black money stashed away in tax havens have disappeared due to the blind eye shown by our leaders.Now those illicit funds are invested in  land and buildings,which are now booming due to the role of black money routed through foreign entities,by way of participatory notes none other than the people of Indian origin, mainly politicians and corporate bigwigs along with power brokers,they are flouting all norms of ownership of land in thousands of acres even in reserved forests,even after the UN has declared the western ghats as heritage areas to be protected.Each registrar offices in India has stories to tell of the illegal means of land ownership and buildings coming without any plan approval,in other words an approved plan for residential buildings are enough for them to make it in to a mall, I have seen it happening all over the country.These things can only be done with the connivance of ruling governments    

 We are actually paving way for the Western Retail Chains to enter our market and produce.The Capital will be enough to buy out our retailers.Soon they will control our Banking sector and all other fields such as Retail and whole sale market  ,they may take partners of Indian origin for covering as their masks and do business with remote control,when things go bad they will ditch their Indian partners to lick their wounds, while they will have a gala time in western cities. However,they may also take our vysyas lightly and later regret,because our vysas are even capable of outdoing the most cunning business people such as Jews on earth. That apart,the very fact that our parliament witnessed roaring oratory,against the FDI in retail also witnessed the same guys voting in favour, during ultimate voting in both houses.All could see through the govt.flouting decency and majority decision to manipulate the voting session with the help of crime agencies such as CBI and RAW , Income tax authorities and enforcement directorate  threatening raids and making them vote in favour. At no time in recent history has we witnessed such blatant show of power, to silence their opponents in the opposition. This according to me is, mass and macro looting of our resources by our politicians and foreign business tycoons.But in my mind I am sure, they will not succeed as the majority in our country has seen through the plots. The big sharks are about to fall very soon and their Waterloo is going to be India.  

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