Thursday, February 28, 2013

Greatest joke ever, only 42800[ Crorepatis]people with more than Rs.10 million income in India?

The Budget speech and the manipulation with numbers and percentages are over. But you don't need an Harvard or Wharton doctorate to know or find out how many are there in India with more than Rupees one crore [ten million] income.All the Doctorates that our prime minister,finance minister and planning commission head, possesses is useless.Because any 10th standard boy can find out easily, those with more than 1 crore income.

I can compile state by state, the exact number of people with more than 1 Crore income, which is possible with just 10th standard boys or girls from every district,easily more than 1 Crore. Take all the Land and Building registration done for more than 50 lacs in the last 5 years alone first.Take a list of people who has purchased luxury cars worth more than 25 lacs alone. see their houses and calculate the market value of those houses ask for their income source. Simple as that. We will deal with stashed away funds later as the electronic data is bound to come out in the open sooner or later.

If even after such so called wizards of Management and Accounting, these guys who call themselves great economists, do not know all the above methods then they don't deserve to be in the positions they are occupying. Or the fact is they wants to hide all those people and protect their identity, which is the only other explanation they can give. Or simply even if they insist they are honest,no stupid fools are going to believe that.  

If indeed that numbers are true, then our country is in bigger trouble than we thought we are in,because those are the 42800 blood suckers or, they are actually good citizens who have filed their tax returns. All others have to be booked first.Let the list of those 42800 be published first.Our countries people have a right to know who they are or who are not in the list. Any way our Finance minister has made his first blunder.

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