Saturday, February 16, 2013

Maoist movement has reached south Western Ghats of India.

The disturbing news this week has been the spread of Maoists elements down south reaching the Reserved Forests Area of Western Ghats,which incidentally has been declared under World Heritage sites Under United Nations 'must preserve' areas for the much needed breathing space for the tropical forests,essential for preserving the ecological balance for the survival of our people,animals,birds and culture.

The news of Mao militant units movement has coincided with the above declaration by UN,made recently.But the fact is they are not our enemies but the most unfortunate people ,affected by the mind boggling corruption and scams coming out in the open regularly since the last few years.The top 1% of our politicians,corporate honchos and bureaucratic involvement in all these charges evidently are the evil and the result of more and more people ,now perhaps more than 1/3 of our 1.2 billion population joining the struggle.There are very patriotic leaders among them [If my intuition is proved right] who are equal  to guys like Che Guvera[Revolutionary leader of Cuba ,most revered by Malayalees].I saw in my recent trip to northern Kerala,the writings on the wall such as 'with out sacrifice we can not change the system'.Then I came across DYFI workers in full uniform, reminding me of our earlier 'ChaverPada'[Suicide Squads]under the Calicut Kings' Samuthiri's and the song I heard them sing was [In malayalam]'Marikkan njangalku manassilla',which if translated means, we don't want to die with out a fight,[or rather simple death is not the answer] knowing the Indian history we know it is in their blood to fight for righteousness,if you take 9/10 people among them, will happily lay down their lives for our country with a whistle in their lips,but not before they make all those corrupt anti social elements punished.

Our History tells of the real warriors of Malabar,who just would not take defeat rather, would die taking as many lives with them of the enemies. Europeans entry in India actually came with hands of friendship [To cunningly cheat later with firearms] and our people unlike the Chinese are mostly trusting in nature ,that was our weakness, also they would die for friendship is another part and truth of our history. The young faces I saw was of determination to do or die.

The warning shot has been fired ,the movement has begun,actions will follow soon,they can not be suppressed by power,the only way is to handle them with kid gloves or I am sure in my mind ,our rulers might be making the greatest blunder in our history ,to try & use our force such as army,navy or air-force to suppress the masses who are patriots demanding justice.     

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