Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Queen with a stolen Diamond [Kohinoor]

The whole world knows Kohinoor diamond belonged to India. It was looted by the British from the Mugals and the same was presented to none other than the Queen, Victoria, by some crooks who wanted to please the queen by giving her the costliest diamond ever. The crazy queen must have presented the guy with some name such as ''lord or 'god' as they tend to do even these days. But wearing a crown with stolen diamond in it  itself is so degrading, for any righteous guy or lady on earth because naturally, every time the queen wears the crown people are tend to remark 'hey see that diamond stolen from India'.Just imagine the mentality of such a queen in showing off with stolen stuff.If such is the mentality of the first citizen of any country then one can very well imagine what will be the mind set of the rest of the countrymen.

If stealing is legal in any country with the king or queen herself encouraging such activities, then what do you call that countrymen or such monarchs.Country of thieves right? Then how come there are so many people put behind the bars for stealing,when the queen herself is guilty of the same crime.What legal system is that, when the queen can steal but her fellow citizens can't do it because it then becomes a crime.

In a so called democratic country, how can they justify keeping the stolen article/material even after the proof   of real identity is known & proven to the whole world in these multimedia age.I am more baffled by Indians who try to follow rather comically clone, every act and mannerisms that is related to such a country of thieves and bandits.

If our countrymen still do not understand the greatness of our country even after realizing the truth emerging out of our own written scriptures and great qualities inherent in our own country of great people, then we can only call them as fools of the highest degree.    

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