Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The most barbarian tribes called 'Brutish'.

Ah ha The great Prime minister of UK showing his regret for the massacre by Gen.Dyer[his name it self has death in it.],but stops short of an apology. Their mindset is clear from the Prince, who was narrating his mass killings in Afghanistan,as something like playing video games.For all their actions they have suffered in the hands of Germans.The fools knows nothing about spirituality nor do they understand the difference between sins and good deeds.They are the greediest creed and most barbaric tribes on earth.Their name it self has its origin from the word 'Brutish".Their long term plan of trying to destroy what ever was Indian and its great culture has been proved as deliberate conspiracy by recent scientific advancement,through which their whole plan ,with the help of another greedy fool named Max Muller, has been proved to be facts imagined,in fact the Colonialists paid him for each page of fiction ,and taught the same in Schools all over world to prove they are the great ones,but the fact is one can see and identify from a duplicate from the original. Those who pretends to be asleep can not be woken.The fact is the knowledge base of the whole world is in India and those doubting Thomas syndrome is due to the lack of balanced mind.Which has been brain washed to such extends and the clones here in India still believes in their theory. The saying that the fools rush in where, the wise fear to tread is apt.

Long live the Queen for enduring all the pain they inflicted on others,only then will death bless them with an escape. 

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