Saturday, February 23, 2013

Helping women is helping society as a whole.

Money in the hands of women are more likely to be used for the noble purpose of family unlike, men [At least 50%] who tend to spend mostly on trivia like drugs and drinks.To help the society it is important to help their women,who are mostly selfless workers who go  on working day and night to bring up children and to look after older ones in the family.
This has been the thought behind Grameen Foundation, pioneers in micro financing, enabling hundred of thousands of poor families all over the world survive with dignity and self esteem.I am strongly advocating their mode as he simplest and most effective way to eradicate poverty from the face of the earth.
As more and more people gets associated with it the en-devour can have a marvelous effect on the life of the majority who are poor people of the world as a whole.It is there fore important to support them in eradicating poverty in African,Asian, Latin american countries.I am aware there are millions of very rich people all over the world, who can be prompted to part with some of their idle funds at least ,to make these poorest among the poor people survive.
One can imagine the harshest realities of life in extremes conditions,with out food or water and we hear people die of mere hunger and thirst,which with the support from the selfless rich can be avoided.Imagine the power of saving lives exists but people still are not coming forward and in most cases their wealth vanishes soon, also on majority of cases spoils their children who simply fail to understand what to do with a fortune left behind by a miser father.Instead those rich guys can show the way for their children to grow up helping the needy.That will make them feel they are worthy citizens, who are contributing towards saving lives of people.
Just imagine what better ways do you have to inculcate these values in your children ,who on the other side may perish by indulging in sinful acts due to the abundance of wealth they inherit, which itself become the reason and bane for their useless life for the society,nation and the whole world.      

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