Wednesday, July 18, 2012

"Thathvamasy"Meaning God is inside each person.

In South India ,Kerala State,deep in the jungle there is a Temple known as Ayyappan temple,In a year it is open only for 41 days or so apart from first day of each month[According to Malayalam calender]once,people from all walks of life from all over the country goes there after doing 'Vritha' which means Vegetarian Food alone , for 41 days to purify,one can not have sex, alcohol,drugs or tobacco during such period. Get up early morning after a bath pray to the rising sun and again a bath and prayer to the sun set. When you reach there after walking miles in the forest the first word you see written boldly is the word "Thathvamasi" which means its in you.[Sorry Women between the age of 12 to 60 are not allowed due to perhaps the risk involved, as the forest is filled with wild animals.]

The message i wanted to convey is that the real god is inside you, with meditation or Yoga,[which includes Kundalini awakening process]one can get enlightened and lead a blissful and happy life.provided you lead righteous life avoid sins and temptations towards wealth or material life.But the problem with us is that we either think about our past and regret or are worried about our future thereby simply forget and waste our present moment.

The most important thing for anyone who wanted to live,or such as the realized soul of SriSri Ravisankar says'the art of living' is to live in the present only, forget the past for you can not change it anyway & forget the future as you can only cross the bridge when you come to it.Just live the moment.Life is as simple as that.

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