Monday, July 2, 2012

Killing innocent Tribal Naxals & Maos will add fuel to fire.

The main problem is our Indian home minister who hails  from Tamilnadu Vysya community of Chettiars, Their main business is money lending of the worst kind,than the Shylock era.They send goons to collect interest and even kill if their money and astronomical interests are not paid in time.Jews perhaps are much better than these blood suckers.So entrusting him with the job of fighting against our most unfortunate and poorest tribes turned Maos & Naxals was wrong.He is intelligent no doubt ,but here we need not intelligence but compassion for the downtrodden,which is totally lacking in guys like him who are ,perhaps better bankers looting with their weird calculation of interest due on loans, which will never be understood by real Bankers ,as they fleece the victims to such levels of despair and suicides.

Now coming back to the extremists as they are now called is totally a result and making of our own incompetent governance of the last six decades out of which the first 20 years by Nehru was not that damaging but the work done for development of tribal areas was almost nil..They were left alone for their own survival.But what followed in the last 40 odd years of total mismanagement,deliberate from the government side ,as they were only interested in looting the resources from the tribal areas by first starting with indiscriminate logging ,followed by mines and the tribal population of such areas were either thrown out with the help of state enforcement in connivance with politicians and big corporate honchos ,while they were looting billions the unfortunate tribal folks were not at all compensated, nor were they paid any Royalty, required under UN convention for displacement and extraction of mineral wealth from their areas.The deforestation made in the name of development also added to the already precarious position of tribal population along with the animal/birds  habitat of such affected areas which shrunk in size of millions of squire miles.

Now if they have taken arms to survive is no surprise at all, as one third of our population falls under that category, most helpless people , banning and killing to wipe them off ,will be akin to what the Americans did to their Red Indian population and have almost killed the whole of such ingenious people from their own land with such weaponry  and unimaginable cruelty.

So many eminent people from all walks of life has been ,for the last few years,pleading to the authorities to deal with them with child gloves rather than eliminating them.They have to be dealt with compassion and politically as the communists have now declared, after realizing their earlier mistake of trying to engage them in wars. Negotiation with the help of people they trust is the only way out to bring them back to the main stream.

But our Central government  on the other side even tried to take help of our vast Military option ,but better sense prevailed when the army out-rightly rejected the idea.Now the para military force being deployed to fight against them is suffering causalities due to the government apathy shown towards these poor tribesmen turned militants. instead of addressing their grievances and trying to compensate them for their lost livelihood,these fools are trying to fight to kill.That is the biggest blunder one can imagine.

The change of guard heading the Home affairs is the first step towards a solution.The one to head such sensitive affairs should be some one with compassion and love for humanity as a whole.

Mr.P.C is the biggest crook we have known in recent times and why the Gandhi family is so attached to him is very surprising and raise doubts of their real intentions which are not transparent. He should be facing trail for killing innocent people and should resign immediately taking moral  responsible for the recent massacre of innocent tribes including women and children.All right thinking Indians should favour such action and protest, if they still show no signs of regret for the mass killings rather, are in a denial mood which has been apparent.

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