Thursday, July 12, 2012


Why Anna Hazare is right

Sunday 24th, June 2012
Writer and Editor
I am an OCI, and I hope to move back to India permanently one day. I am so proud of being Indian by birth and blood. I love India, and I support Anna Hazare with all my heart. He is the leader the people needed. The Indian people are fed up of corruption, and have been sick of it for a long time. I was in Goa in 2006. I spoke to a man who had been fighting a court case for twenty-five years. He had inherited it from his father. It was just about to be resolved when the Judge demanded a bribe, saying that if he was not paid he would find some way of dragging the case on for more time - maybe even a few more years. The man had to pay the bribe or face several more years of court costs etc. Another couple owned a shop, and had to pay the Goanese 'mafia' a percentage of their profits or their shop would be burned down. They had no one who could help them, because all the politicians were hand in hand in the 'mafia' leaders. Another friend of mine bought a flat in Delhi. She wanted to pay for it in white money but the sellers wanted 50% black money - and because most people did it that way, she had to do it that way. None of these people wanted to participate in corruption, but they felt they had no choice. They hated themselves for having to capitulate. Now the Indian people have a choice. They have a leader who is prepared to die for this great and noble cause - the end of corruption. The people are right behind Anna Hazare, and so am I. The only people who disagree with Anna Hazare are the politicians and fat cat businessmen and other rich people who have made and maintained their wealth in corrupt ways. These corrupt people have a vested interest in maintaining the corrupt status quo. Everyone else wants an end to corruption, so they can hold their heads up high. This is true democracy - the will of the people in action. India is now a major economic power. Great leaders such as Anna Hazare are also making her a major force for good in the world, so that she can take her rightful place as a source of immense knowledge, wealth, and inspiration.

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