Tuesday, July 3, 2012

New generation Indian Politicians disappointing yet again.

We saw the regime of Mayawati in Uttarpradesh , indulging in corruption and following wrong priorities all throughout her tenure.People were desperately looking for a change ,the Congress had already proved their incompetence  and mass scale corruption ,so was the case of Mulayam Singh in the company of Amar singh etc.

That must have been the reason for the people selecting fresh and new generation Yadav son of Mulayam.But by his first main policy decision itself is showing as a glaring example of a spendthrift politician in the making ,without an iota of sympathy for the struggle of the mass population,his priority was declaring brand new luxury vehicles for the MLAs each costing about or more than 2 million Rupees.

At this rate what ever the bailout package was given as 'package',which was meant to be a bribe for supporting Pranabda,in the name of up lifter of UP masses is sure to be used for snobbish endeavors such as Cars,luxury Villas etc. for the so called peoples' representatives ,helping themselves to be indulging in luxuries life, at the cost of the poorest again.May God save them for the next five years.

His priorities is now out in the open and is worse than Mayawati.   

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