Monday, July 2, 2012


Recent years have seen the uproar around the world against the unethical banking practices followed by Swiss banks and other clones rather similar tax havens.The pressure was high, but the resistance from the Swiss authorities too have been stubborn,the attitude of Governments around the world has been to cover up themselves,as the power is vested with the same crooks who stand to lose their ill gotten and crime money.  The games ultimately proved to be futile in India mainly due to the government headed by the so called 'Honest' prime minister and company vehemently and successfully suppressing the movements & all uprisings in this connection,at times using brutal power of state machinery under their control.

The time given was enough for those guilty guys who managed to transfer the funds away and the recent stats show there is almost nothing left in such accounts.Now the way out being suggested by the Swiss crooks are to convert the funds in to Swiss Frank high denomination notes , which may be hidden in lockers underground. Single 1000/- Swiss Frank note is equal to Rs.60000/- [Indian Rupees] hence , huge amount can be put in lockers due to the difference in exchange rate,which is mind blowing amount , as  told by some sources, 300000 lac Crores of Swiss franks have been issued so far, as per the records available.Swiss National Bank has admitted there is huge demand for higher denomination  Swiss frank notes.That proves the fact that this is the latest trend to keep unaccounted black money earned ,through crime and corruption from our Country by the politicians , corporate honchos and bureaucrats.

Here too god will intervene by either destroying the whole underground lockers under the streets of Switzerland,or by some good Samaritans later might just declare ban of Swiss franks altogether.We will see what happens ,if the crooks have brains then those good guys too have better brains.That is the way god has created us.Watch out?

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