Friday, January 25, 2013


So far our government has been with the US sanction of Iran but it is high time we changed our priorities,and start to do full fledged business with Iran.They have been doing business with India thousands of years prior to US ever came in to being a country.What logic is followed by our government even after the latest hypocritical actions unbecoming of an ally or friend by US.

I feel it is necessary to immediately start supply of  life saving drugs, which are  manufactured in India itself ,while we get the benefit of oil supply from Iran.It will be beneficial to both countries.That is the way forward as we are spending most of our funds in oil thereby bringing hardship to our population,and still be with US who too are dependent on India for their survival.For instance without Indian work force it will be impossible for US to run their country effectively.Bearing that bare thought we have to look for more co operation with middle east and China,as Chinese never directly engaged in terrorism, but do supply arms to the groups who are indulging in terrorists activities. The US on the other hand also does arms trading and cheated us all along.

I feel it is high time our think tank realize,the importance of friendship with China as well and become the center of trade of more than 50% of the total trade in the whole world, which was so, till about 300 years back. Now we too have the technology and skilled man power more than any other country.We have to make use of that sheer numbers available and nothing should stop us from achieving our goals.       

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