Thursday, January 24, 2013

Truth behind David Coleman Headly's activities.

You  don't have to be the World Chess Champion to see through the man mentioned above.He was clearly a double agent working for the US and Lashker terrorists.Had US wanted they could have avoided Mumbai terrorists attack,my intuition tells me that US was playing along only trying to safeguard their interests. A few Indians dead was of not much concern for them.Unfortunately for them US citizens too were killed in the attack.That is the reason for their Mouse & Cat play to cover up their complicity of pretending innocence.

It is there for all to see the fact, that he was never allowed to be put on trail in Indian Courts because the crime the guy did was in India and we must have been able to interrogate him and bring out real facts behind the larger conspiracy, to get more details of the truths of  the Camps and more important information useful for our counter terrorism mechanism.One wonders whether there is any treaty to extradite criminals whose activities kills hundreds in a  particular country, yet does not get a chance to prove the truth in front of their countrymen.The Indian prime minister has been very much vocal of the double taxation treaties the reason why he could not bring home the black money deposited in Tax havens,but is silent on any treaty which may exists between India and US in extradition of terrorists who commits criminal acts killing hundreds.  This is grossly unfair and should be condemned by all countries such as Denmark as well, who too suffered due to the acts of the same guy.      

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