Saturday, January 12, 2013

How do we deal with rape culture?

It was one of the saddest days in the history of modern India that an helpless girl was brutally and most barbarically raped and tortured to death by some anti social elements. The first instinct for all will be to shoot the guys point blank.But wait, we have to come out with a mechanism to deal with these guys or for that matter those Pakisthan soldiers who mutilated the dead bodies of our Soldiers in a worse manner than those most deadly animals would to their preys.

To start with all those MPs, MLAs and ministers who are accused of rape should be stripped of their positions before the law takes their cases. The fact that they are being protected and immunized is the worst sign which means the rulers are not serious in dealing with them.It is the truth that our political parties have always turned a blind eye towards such incidents,that was the main reason for the public uprising we witnessed

Secondly there should be separate fast track mechanism to deal with domestic violence, whether our police has the will and honesty to pursue these cases is the million dollar question.Time bound trail and verdict should deter at least some percent of these culprits.

Thirdly, Our folks especially men are becoming mute onlookers , even when they witness crime in front of their eyes,no body wants trouble,or rather are being very selfish in not reacting, if not alone, at least together with friends.I had an experience in Guwahati during the late Eighties,when my Nepali friend named Basu Gurung and myself was coming to our place of stay at about 2am from the Railway station, when we witnessed a lady being beaten up by a rough thug,to my surprise ,though my friend was only 5ft.or little more perhaps ,but was very quick to react and easily kicked the thug down in minutes while he asked the girl to run and escape,which she did without wasting a second.That kind of attitude is required for the men in our society, only then can we protect our own sisters,wives,mothers and daughters.          

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