Sunday, January 20, 2013

Rahuls' sincerity comes to the fore.Silver line and hope for Indians

At last the prince has spoken with sincerity and emotion proving the real man behind is trying to do his best.I liked his way, of perhaps going away from the script, to speak his mind and thoughts openly.Seems like a person who has experienced pain and anguish almost all his boyhood and later. the hesitant politician exactly like his father,who too was hesitant but for the compulsions he faced.He did a great job for a person who was not considered a seasoned politician,but had his foresightedness and intelligence.

As Indians we look for a hero to save us from all the trouble,perhaps Rahul might prove to be that change.But he has to overhaul the big machine called Congress,the corrupt cronies has to be distanced first but very diplomatically , as those corrupt bigwigs might prove to be his danger in the days ahead.One has to be brave but not a foolish one at that,his fathers' undoing was he was so brave and stretched his luck too far even after he was warned of the dangers lurking in every corner. Rajiv's advisers let him down by not guiding him in the right direction.

Rahul has a great chance if the inner fight in the opposition is spoiling the chances for any alternative government other than the Congress.He is popular and is a known face all over the country.He may get absolute majority if he can prove he means business,by dumping those corrupt elements one by one in the next one year,once people are convinced he is delivering they might give him a big chance to push India forward. I would suggest that he studies the Koudilya's ARTH SHASTRA [Chanakya's Management style]

We Indians are feeling so disillusioned by the present system and leaders.We want change, a big one at that.
May lord bless Rahul and India.So much damage has been done by the government mostly after the UPA-1,which had the backing of CPM & CPI,.As the saying goes you are judged by the company you keep.Present day UPA consist mostly self serving parties and individuals.That according to me is the greatest curse of India otherwise a great country.

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