Saturday, January 19, 2013

Farmers & SSIs in distress,need for sympathetic consideration.

It all began with the dip in the rainfall this year,directly effecting the poor farmers.The big and mighty could afford tube well .The small and marginal farmers are in ruins covering almost the entire country.Now is the time for the government to help them with finance. Likewise due to the mighty rate of inflation  witnessed  during the last 5 years,our country is going through one of the worst ever phase in the history of modern India.

Our politicians has been the single factor which did let us down to such an extent never witnessed before in our long and most cherished history.We need at least another decade of spotless and honest governance to rise to the top as a country and society which is secular and loving all human beings equally well.Our tropical forests along with the animals,birds and most importantly our tribal folks all require our compassion and help to go through these hard times.

Small farmers and Small scale industries are suffering due to the lull in the whole world,  lack of purchasing power & the economic power houses are now struggling to survive.The so called developed countries are now falling like never before.These are all part of the cycle of events which takes place as a routine from the time our world began. All fortune will change hands in almost every 75 years. The rich will become poor and the poor will get an opportunity and will be rich.these are ever changing scenarios from which no human being is immune.There are mighty rich guys who may feel that they will never be poor again,but the KARMA will decide who wins or loses ultimately.

The sinners will have to endure the punishment meted out by the lord for all their sins,until then they may have to live to pay back or in some cases generations will be affected due to the sins committed by their forefathers.These are the truths of the nature and those who observe families around them will find that the good deeds done will earn gods' favour while the bad deeds will earn them immeasurable hardship,the sad part is that people don't understand these simple truths and indulges in all kind of bad deeds.        

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