Thursday, October 6, 2011

R T I Activists' being killed in India, a very disturbing trend.

Since the Right to Information Act came in to being, there has been a lot of improvement in finding out the truth behind so many shady deals. It has been a weapon, which was used to un-earth the mass frauds of recent history.The fight over cover up of truth too started to become so ugly and deadly, as the corrupt added on to their crimes by doing more and more crimes to silence the whistle blowers, by quotation killers or in some cases their own gang. This is natural and basic instinct of a corrupt guy, who is already a criminal and simply would not hesitate to kill, if that stops his name from surfacing or for covering up his identity to save himself from being prosecuted.

The first step in saving a whistle blowers or RTI activist's life is by making the information seeker's Right to make that very information public,as I saw some one suggested, to the crime which he or she was seeking to expose even in his or her absence. That will make the criminal's way of killing for cover useless,as any way he will be exposed,once the information sought had to be made public even if the seeker,she or he dies in between.More over, it will then be clear to know, for there will be clues in it to find, who can be behind the ruthless killing to save his secret identity.

This step is most urgent to save those good souls, who are actually sacrificing bravely, for the benefit of the society and mankind as a whole. If all of us who knows there are corruption involved in certain fields keeps mum and give the good lord[Great god himself] hard work in finding solutions and punishment for those guilty of crimes, for amassing wealth at the cost of poor people. Then the plight of our country will become worse from bad as years go by. The system is lacking in stopping the process of bringing to light the information sought by some, after he or she is killed, is on the other hand actually, tempting the criminal to kill to save himself,making the job of the criminals very easy to get away, by just another murder, which is mostly part of their day to day job while looting.

Our Government if serious to eradicate corruption should bring in strict laws as well, so as to enable the good citizens to survive.

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