Wednesday, October 26, 2011


The news of some governments' advice to its citizens to avoid travelling in India during this festive season is laughable. Because the greatest danger of terrorists attacks right now, is against the NATO itself.If they succeeded in bringing down the biggest man made structure in a matter of minutes and almost made it to the Pentagon itself, then anything is possible and no place on earth is safe presently.

The long war fought after that in Afghanistan,Iraq and other Middle eastern intrusions, covertly and overtly has made millions of people suffer in anguish.The Teenagers and small kids of those periods who has been orphaned, must be now fully grown up individuals, holding grudge and hatred towards all those forces who killed or effected millions of nice homely people adversely.

It was only unfortunate for them to be at the wrong place at the wrong time,other wise they all had nothing to do with terrorism.It was then, only a few hundreds of bad guys or few bad leaders who did all such insane activities, while majority of those countries and its people had nothing at all to do with terrorism. But the war effected them all directly changing lives and fortunes of millions in days and months and years of mindless, cruel and all out war using millions of tons of weapons of mass destruction. The enormity of destruction and lost lives are yet to be ascertained.

No body can calculate the funds wasted but it must be trillions of dollars and could have been used for far better purposes, uplifting the poor among the whole world population. We could have made billions of people live with dignity and smiles with enough food, instead those funds were used to kill innocent people very disgusting,disturbing and a matter of shame on humanity.History will never forgive those responsible directly or indirectly and has made a mess with the vast majority among our 7 billion people of the world suffering hunger and famine due to the insensitivity and insanity of a few world's so called power "leaders".{Though with Power to change fortunes of millions of poorest starving people on earth yet, the most ignorant lot as well.]

India has never attacked any country or people but only defended to save our lives.We have at times been the target of few terrorists' attacks and also have lost lives, but most of our leaders were very tolerant and never precipitated matters further instead, gave enough space left for negotiation and settlement. The mentality to forget and forgive is in our hearts for generations, though like every society we too have bad social elements who are terrorists.

The best way to fight them is by compassion and reasoning, for that we must understand their minds and see the actual reason behind resentment and then deal with kid gloves and love.Because they are after all our fellow human beings. They may be the victims of circumstances. Trying to kill and wipe them off earth is just not the answer. The more you kill the more worse and difficult is the way forward.The matter becomes more and more complicated and is a never ending process, which ultimately may result in disaster for humanity as a whole. Before that the lord must help those responsible guys see sense and for god's sake stop the killings.

India will very soon come to terms with our brothers across the borders, because we have not committed any sins, unlike the big powers who used their power, wealth and high technology for mass killings instead of mass development and cunningly few individuals among the big powers, brought it up on them, for amassing wealth and for the fossil fuel.That is the truth and truth alone will triumph."SATYAMEVA JAYATE"

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