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Sri Sri vows to fight corruption after Digvijay’s warning
Oct 27, 2011

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New Delhi: With Digvijay Singh claiming that Sri Sri Ravi Shankar could now be used by RSS to “divert attention” from right wing terror after the agitations by
Ramdev and Anna Hazare, the Art of Living guru today vowed to
continue his fight against corruption.

“A law is necessary. However, a law alone cannot bring down corruption. A moral and spiritual wave has to be created. I have been speaking against corruption and will continue to fight against corruption,” he said in a statement.
A spokesperson for the guru had yesterday said he administered oath to one lakh people to not to give or take bribe.

" A law alone cannot bring down corruption. A moral and spiritual wave has to be created." Reuters
Ravi Shankar’s statement came as a response to Singh’s claim that the anti-corruption stir by Anna Hazare and Ramdev were part of an over-all plan of RSS-BJP to divert attention from Sangh’s “terror links”. He also warned Sri Sri Ravishankar that he too could be used by them.

The AICC general secretary said that while Ramdev and Anna Hazare were plan A and B of the Sangh-BJP, Sri Sri Ravishankar is Plan C and asked the latter to be “wary” of the two organisations.

Reacting to it, Ravi Shankar said, “People write so many things. I do not react to every comment. Everybody is entitled to his views.”


Comment by solitairebala:-

Sri Sri Ravinsankar is the founder of "Art of Living' foundation and is the most divine person who is revered by all who has attended his YOGA classes,irrespective of caste or religion.Congress is underestimating his influence over the populace who know him dearly as the most selfless Yoga guru, if you find fault in God himself, then it is time to bury you as is the case with Congress and its rhetoric,they are trying to avoid LOKPAL by targeting the few persons who spearheaded the movement,it is the mass support that counts, rather than the individuals who led it,people can find others too to organize the same movement again by some one such as SR.SRI Ravisankar himself. Mr.Digvijay may be the most loyal ruling family supporter, but is not serving his masters' well by his foolish rhetoric's.

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