Thursday, October 20, 2011


We just heard the news that Libyans after more than four long decades have managed to kill the self declared ruler and dictator called Col. Mohammer Gaddafi,who looted and killed his fellow countrymen who ever stood against his autocratic rule, and his critics vanished from the face of earth.

But it was also told in between that the people of Libya has become so poor during his tenure barely surviving on "2 Dollars" a day per head. It then reminded me of our great economist Mr.Ahluvalia ,who still insists that his figures are correct [He quoted Mr.Tendulkar report for support evidence] that in India who ever earns more than half a dollar per day is above the poverty line. So in other words the Libyans who after all the trauma and mass scale loot still is four times more richer than the below poverty line Indians, if we compare the figure told by the great man in India, considered as the most brilliant economist by none other than the greatest , so called, economist Mr.Manmohan singh himself { Who does not know of Manmohonomics}.

His calculations will be in lines that a family of five, which also may include his small children 3 of them and his housewife, together is earning about 10 dollars a day, which allowing the conversion figure is almost Rs.500/- per day, very rich and has to be taxed 30% from his above income, because all he needs for his expenses per day ,food , accommodation,medical and studies of his three children is after all only Rs.25/- per day and for five persons Rs.125/- [Rs.32/- in urban areas]

So the Libyans all come under the category of rich because you see, according to one Mr. Tendulkar committee's recommendation, considered the basis, and even presented in Supreme court if I am not mistaken, those who earn more than half a dollar is reckoned in India, as above poverty line, and here it is four times of that basis. Very rich people because our great economist says so and it is final word,because he is the most brilliant economist not only in India but in the whole world , perhaps this years Nobel prize he missed, but for sure he will have to be given the coveted prize at least next year because he is the only economist in the whole world, who made our Indian majority very rich over night by this brilliant piece of mathematics.

What an Idea Sirji.

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