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Dream & Reality, Real Life experience of Ghanshyam.

Dream and Reality
Posted on02 October 2011.
Do you believe in the realisation of dreams? Does a dream ever come true? Have you ever met a stranger who appeared in your dreams? If you asked these questions to anyone… they would surely be puzzled and amazed. We asked the same questions to Ghanshyam and his response was spontaneous and affirmative.
Ghanshyam, a native of Spain is a resident of Amritapuri Ashram since five years. He shared with us his unbelievable experience of how dreams do come true in real life. Here is his narration:
“I’m from a small village in Spain. The source of income for the family was an herbal retail outlet that was owned by us. This happened when I was in Germany and my mother, father and sister were in Spain. One day a lady came to our shop and gave a pamphlet about a spiritual leader. The pamphlet stated that some spiritual leader from India called AMMA was visiting Barcelona. As my sister scrolled further below, her eyes caught the glimpse of the picture of ‘the lady in white attire’ which she had dreamt only last night….. Her amazement knew no bounds: can a dream come true so closely and this soon, she wondered!
My family immediately booked their tickets to Barcelona. I couldn’t go with them as I was busy with my work in Germany. My sister shared her experience with me later as to how they all had a good time with Amma, had Amma’s ‘darsan’ and attended a long session of ‘bhajan’. This made me recollect a story I had read somewhere about a girl who was made out of water and changed the world from the then current state of animosity, unrest and hatred to a state of peace and harmony. An unusual urge took root in me that I should see this ‘Amma’. Was it a matter of coincidence that at this same time I also came to know that there were less expensive and special discount tickets available to those who wanted to attend Amma’s 50th birthday celebrations in Kochi and my family eagerly reserved these tickets to Kochi.
We landed in Kochi as per schedule and I was blessed to have Amma’s darshan. After seeing Amma, I felt something unusual and special as if my own dream of something had come true, that a difference had been carved out. I decided to leave my job, family and I to join Amma’s Ashram. Now I’m involved in recycling of waste and enjoying the work more and more every day. It is like bliss, living a life which I had dreamt of… Anyone can be sure that a dream is always a pointer to some reality… only, you must have trust in it and patience to wait for it to take shape and happen… !”
- Amrita Nandakumar, Chitra and Lakshmi PR
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From "Amritavani" of Mata Amritanandamayi Amma.

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