Sunday, October 2, 2011

Nuclear Power Should be the last Option.

We have been witnessing a lot of action in connection with whether to go for Nuclear Power or not.
Our Prime Minister risked everything including ditching, their most timely savior and most trusted ally of the communists consisting of more than 60 MPs [Members of parliament]of UPA-1, which was the most stable and corrupt free government and had checks and balances, on every occasion when the government went over ambitious on any issues, other than what was the most necessary steps to ensure a stable and corrupt free governance.

But looking back one could see that it was most opportunistic attitude, and the Congress was waiting for breaking away for pursuing anti Indian policies, to help get the Corporates' and the rich business houses, more richer at the cost of the poor becoming more poorer.The timing they choose was when the question of going for nuclear power raised, due to our growing necessity of rapid Industrialization for which we required more energy.

But the government could have made an amicable decision then it self, as the communists were very reasonable and was willing to go for decision making.But when the Congress insisted on US business must be given the contracts, was the time,as it became more and more evident from the players' surrounding the Indian Government then, they resisted rightly, because the demands then of the nuclear Power brokers were too much, and was directly in contrast to our nations'interests.

Especially on the back ground, that our Bhopal Gas victims are yet to be given any compensation and the culprits have got away Scot-free , with the help of those in power during and after the tragedy, with out having to give any amount as compensation. As if adding insult to injury, that very Company today has been granted the main sponsorship deal for the coming London Olympics.

Now coming back to the main question of whether to go for Nuclear power is an emphatic 'NO', as can be seen from what happened in the last couple of years and the Japanese Fukishima Tragedy.
When almost all the developed countries around the globe, mainly the European countries have all decided to phase out the Nuclear technology and convert to the re-usable sources such as wind,waves,solar and hydro electric etc.Now we are on the verge of investing in large quantum's in Nuclear Power Plants. Why not think right now, for other sources which are more bio friendly and risk less, than the killer Nuclear energy, which might have most tragic catastrophe if any thing goes wrong , for that we don't require a tsunami or earth quake, even a silly human mistake might end up in great disasters just like how it happened in Bhopal or the Russian experience a few decades back.

More over, the dumping of Nuclear waste also is very dangerous in a thickly populated country like India. Most probably India might become a dump-yard for the western powers to rid them of their Nuclear wastage, as our leader ship will sell them any thing and every thing for a quick buck,our joint ministry headed by the environment and Industry might allot them special dumping zones, in every corner of our country.Our populace is considered the most cheap human beings in the world.

The value of a human being born in India is so cheap, that our uppermost planning commission headed by the so called brilliant economists', value their required daily expenses as just half a dollar for survival with dignity and in the process they also will be reckoned as above the poverty line, if you earn Rs.25/ per day. In urban areas it is slightly more Rs.32/- per day.
What more proof do you want to see through their plans.

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