Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I came across a channel view explaining {Amrita]about 'Vysyas'the 37 trans international corporations with their octopus's tentacles encircling all around the earth,which sucks the blood and sweat of the poorest among all those countries' populations and has become so huge and big that no country or power is enough to question their actions leave alone controlling them. Totally 13 individuals owns it all and they belong to USA.

They were the masters behind the demand for opening the markets world over , so as to widen their scope for more blood and sweat. The IMF and World Bank is in their control not a penny can be spend without their stamp on it. It was also amazing to find our country's Vysyas' is now playing big in the company of those individuals.The very fact that our Great Mr.Warren Buffet last day endorsed his deputy Mr.Jain,as the architect behind all his wealth and minimizing losses during the last couple of years of turmoil, in which most big wigs took a heavy beating ,while some escaped un-hurt such as Mr.Warren Buffet's company. He went on to explain if a situation arises and both were drowning and if only one person can be saved ,then to save Mr.Jain instead of Mr.Warren Buffet himself. Just imagine that a business tycoon in the richest 3 in the whole world admitting the brain was Mr.Jain of India.

Knowing our Vysyas well, I was least surprised, in history they were always the one to help out a king during dry years or bad periods when the exchequer is empty like wise the Bahmins too depended on them for their daily needs of grain vegetables and so on. The Lakshmi Mittals and Jains have only begun but before long they will be the rulers in place of those 13 individuals mentioned above, who hold or has amassed huge amount of wealth from around the world. The history in India is such that the Vysya community did not bloom on a fine morning , they were given the job of trading commodities and have mastered on how to equate the demand and supply in the market to create artificial shortage or abundance. They are mostly close knit among their communities and seldom cheats among them, but cheats all others mainly the Government and the poor people mostly, as their way of conducting business is through their own ,lingo and tax evading is child's play for them. Bribing officials is an art which has to be learned from them, I have seen Marvaris [as is commonly known for Rajasthani business communities]getting railway reservation without much of an effort, while hundreds run after the TTE's for bribing to get a reservation, they just puts the amount in TTE's pocket and promptly gets the signal back.

Like wise, they gets things done in minutes from almost all departments as the officials greets them with a warm welcome knowing their day has begun well as these guys means instant money. But on the other side even if we are willing to bribe, we still make it very difficult for the guys to accept, due to our raw body language and the guilt we feel for giving bribe as we are new to these arts, of living on bribes to get things done.

But all said and done, I still believe in god and very soon these guys will be paying back for their sinful deeds for generations that according to me is the ultimate truth and those who believe in the ultimate truth will be dear to the lord and in the long run will also have a happy life without a care or scare as they have nothing to lose while these big sharks can seldom sleep well for they have to be always on their toes to keep their ill gotten wealth, which in any case they will ultimately lose as the natures cycle of events takes care of all such nefarious activities and the punishment can not be avoided in the court of the lord even if they succeed in the courts of countries with their money power.

May the lord give the poor their due soon. -prayer of solitairebala'

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