Wednesday, March 10, 2010


It is a known fact that we have for generations ignored the power within women.They are the ultimate in sacrifices, when it comes to running the family rearing the children,doing all the cooking and cleaning etc. There are very few male members who are adept or does contribute to these above mentioned choruses in daily life.In spite of their preoccupation, they have still marveled against all odds to prove again and again they are much and far more superior to many so called 'macho' guys.

they have started to perform better in almost all spheres, every thing such as being a fighter pilot or captaining ships ,driving, all fields are now equally or more competent than men but still gets less for superior output than their male counterparts. Grossly unfair. The sooner we make the Women s contribution in governing will be a justified and intelligent move to clean our dirty politics which was being hijacked by few thugs in some or almost all parties.Decency does not have a place in our parliament or assemblies,Now with more representation by women will do a world of good to our bruised and exhausted democracy.

Let there be a fresh change with more and more capable women I am certain will do more justice to our whole populace. I am with our countries' women for I am sure they will be less tainted.

Congrats to Soniaji for job well began. thoughts of solitairebala.

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